Cooldown at the Wawa Trail, Rodriguez, Rizal

This is the rejoinder to the Mountain Trail run earlier at Sitio Parawagan in Rodriguez, Rizal. After that torturous 12k  mountain run and having some hot bowl of oily chicken mami, coffee and water at Tiffany’s (de Montalban) June, Oliver, Daryll and myself set out to the trails leading to the Wawa Dam National Park, Montalban’s famous tourist resort for some cooldown to refresh and stretch our aching muscles.

I did remember visiting this resort way back when i was about 6 or 7 years old and nothing much has changed except for the structures now erected at the roads leading to the park. The mountain peak ranges still tower above and the boulders which seem to be endless gaping on top of us. The imposing waterfall is still a sight to behold, where you stop by and take all the view into your consciousness, the trust of the water splash downwards giving you a cool chill. We made a stop into an old tower structure which gives you a great view of the top of the dam itself. One should be careful of the big man -made holes of the tower’s floorings which go down to about a hundred feet below.


Emerging from the Wawa trail. Daryll at left.


Part of the trail leading to the National Park


Jogging on more trail with the dam on sight


The dam as back-drop


Steel bridge connecting the boulders


With June at top of waterfalls


June, taking-in the scene

The cool weather, picturesque scenery and fresh air makes this place a perfect cool-down and we thank June for reminding us the beauty of this place. June has a knack for his knowledge of incredible places and his experience as an outdoors-man and mountaineer has led us to the great wilderness that we were able to explore thru running. And we wait with great anticipation where he would take us next.


6 responses to “Cooldown at the Wawa Trail, Rodriguez, Rizal

  1. Do any of you guys carry GPSes? I’m planning a run up there myself and I’d be interested to see where the trails go. My running group normally does 10km trails, but I’m thinking if its really hilly then 8km might be a better length. Some of the group walk, so I’d also be looking to lay a 4-5km trail for them.

    • Yes, we do–but just to measure the distance. Those are great trails up there. Good luck on your run!:-)

  2. san po starting point niyo sir? at pano kayo punta sa starting point kung commute lang starting from a major highway? thanks so much! plano ko kasi tumakbo diyan kahit mag isa lang kung wala ako ma-aya..

    • From Cubao or Marikina, take a jeep going to Rodriguez (Montalban). Jeep should take you to or near Wawa Dam. You can start at the entrance to the dam. 🙂

  3. Hi Sir!

    Do we need to hire a guide and do they charge fees for runners? Thanks and hope to hear from you! 🙂

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