Non-Runners with Runners’ Names

You are a running addict if… you named your two daughters after famous Olympic and World Champion runners! No, this is not an exaggeration about my being addicted to running. It was with pride when i named them Maricica and Marlisse, my two love and inspirations.

Maricica, now 18 and studying at ADMU was named after Maricica Puica, a middle distance runner from Romania who won the 3000 meters gold medal at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, in a race remembered primarily for the collision of Mary Decker and Zola Budd.

Marlisse, 16 was named after Marlies Gohr, an East German sprinter who won several world championships, the first at the inaugural world championships in 1983 at 100 meters at world record times.


Marlisse at left and Chica, right

Unfortunately, these two babes never took the running passion of their father and are generally not into physical fitness nor exercise. Chica seems  content in burying herself with books and her laptop while Marlisse is still busy stuffing herself with the latest in both gourmet and junk food! However, none comes close in beating the two in non-stop walking when plying the big malls in Metro Manila!


With cousin Michelle, left,  now based in Singapore as an Instructress/Teacher.

Marlisse needs to lose weight… and so do i. How ’bout it, baby?


6 responses to “Non-Runners with Runners’ Names

  1. kuya rene hi! your blog site was sent to me by michelle. we are so glad to see you back into shape again. pls continue running for your health sake. heres hoping that you will be an inspiration to most of us in the family. ….*^#– we can never deny where chica got her talent from reading and writing! not to mention an eloquent speaker. marlisse on the otherhand is very much into music. i think i read somewhere in her friendster profile that she can name the instrument being played just by mere listening to it – thats a gift i would say. this is all for now. may God continue to bless you always!

    • Hazeeelllll!!! Nice to hear from you! i hope you and randy are doing fine! the 2 kids will be blushing red when they read this article, marlisse specially. michelle will be sending you my e-mail address. thanks for visiting!:-)

  2. Wow, pretty babes you got, Jazzrunner! Don’t worry, you never know when they finally get inspired to try running too – what with they see their dad remain so passionate about!

  3. i really hope so cathy. however, they still seem to be fixated in getting up at 12 noon during weekends:-(

  4. hi pa.

    i’ve tried it a couple of times around campus, but running is just not for me. i’d rather be at the sidelines, proud watching you do it so well.


    Thanks, Chi. maybe we can arrange a run together with wewich. she can use some exercise and sweat out some excess lard from her body (?):-)

  5. hi pa.
    i have seen your blog. i love it. we also have a picture there. i am willing to run with you somtime ok? pumayat ka na since you’ve been running again. keep on running so you well have a healthier and stronger body. ok? love you pa. mwah!!!

    Thanks, Wich. Cge, once i come for a visit w/ Uncle Boh, we’ll run at the village, ok ba? see you soon!

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