My First Running Shoes

If it weren’t for their prohibitive price, runners won’t mind buying multiple pairs of running shoes as it’s the most essential gear a runner would like to stock in their arsenal. Most serious runners own at least 3 or 4 pairs. Having at least this minimum allows them to wear them alternately on each run so that no shoe would get over-used, thus prolonging the wear-life of each shoe.

Shoes can be huge investments but that’s worth it because it provides protection from the different surfaces you run on, gives cushion to lessen impact with every strike your feet makes and offer correct support to your ankles and lower limbs thus, lessening the prospects of an injury.

SAUCONY (Circa 80s)

Way back in the 80s when i first started running, the first running shoes i bought were the Saucony ‘Shadow’ and the Saucony ‘Jazz’. Yes, during those times, the Saucony brand was readily available locally. i got mine from SM Cubao for about P600.00/pair. For me, these shoes provided the perfect fit, cushioning and stability any runner could ask for.

One drawback is that it didn’t have the “looks” or wasn’t stylish enough to show them off to others, particularly the ‘Shadow’ model. Unlike an Adidas or Nike shoe which had nice styles (pang porma), the maroon colored ‘Shadow’ had a wide forefoot and high toe box which were curved upwards. It has a flat, bulky front tip that resembles an english bulldog, thus i called it my “bulldogs”. it resembled like a Dutch wooden shoe and the shape looked something like this:


It was so unattractive that when you wear it in malls, people would stare at it and look at you as if you were some kind of geek wearing a miniature bulldog shoe! Friends would rib me whenever they see me wearing it. The color (maroon) didn’t help as well. (Dog lovers might find them appealing, though. They might even approach you, go down on their knees then pat and caress the shoe with affection).

The Original Jazzjazz-orig1

But hey! It’s function as a running shoe goes beyond expectation! It scored well in the stability, cushioning and durability aspects and that’s what matters most. It’s a great shoe for running outdoors and not for strolling on a leash inside malls. The ‘Jazz’ model is more conventional in shape but with the same great fit and feel of the ‘Shadow’.

About 7 years ago, i was gifted with the same original Jazz model by a dear sis-in-law and used it alternately with my other trainers. As with all life in this planet, it has fully served its purpose but before it gasped for its last breath, it parted with its last few words that it would be incarnated to two new versions, the “Jazz 11” and the “Jazz 12”. Michelle, take note.

SAUCONY (Circa 2009)

At present i’m using two of their newer models, the “Grid Sinister” and the “Grid Rider”. The ‘Sinister’ is a lightweight trainer, light enough to be a racing shoe. The cushioning is satisfactory although they could have added more under the ball of the foot. It has a very airy mesh seamless upper which made every runs comfortable. The fit is snug and is more adaptable for fast paces like tempo runs or intervals at the track. i recommend this shoe for efficient light weight runners who often do fast paced running or racing.


The “Grid Sinister’


Trying it out

The “Grid Rider” is more to my heavier build. It has superb cushioning and adequate stability. It’s great for long runs and adapts well for both roads and trail. The shoe is likewise light but with good support. It’s very comfortable that you can run with these trainers forever!


The Saucony Pro-Grid Ride


June’s favorite type of shoe, the “Trail Shoe”

I still run with my other battered trainers of different brands. While brand is not important, it’s finding the right shoe that fits well, provides adequate support, helps you avoid injury and one that enhances your running efficiently…that’s the most essential.

It’s the Sauconys that adjust well and give comfort to my feet. Should appearance matter too? It shouldn’t matter a bit. Should the original “Shadow” rise up from its grave and make a comeback, i wouldn’t hesitate a bit to run on them once again because of its superior features as stated above…on the roads or maybe in the mall.

(thanks to Dal, my bro-in-law for the great trainers you sent by. Salamat, bro!)


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