Who Is Training For This 21K Race?

Skyway Run for the Whale Sharks

Skyway Run for the Whale Sharks

Are you presently training for the Condura Half-Marathon (or the 10K) run this coming March 22? Do you have doubts about your preparation, your readiness to tackle a 21-km race that would include the uphill EDSA (Kalayaan) Flyover bridge and the untested uphill climb towards the Skyway starting in Buendia? If so, read on.

My answer to all questions above is, YES! After days of dilly-dallying whether to join this run or not, i finally inked the registration form for the 21k yesterday at Nike-Trinoma. However, my preparation to run this distance leaves a lot to be desired. I am just averaging a total of 50-60 kms/week with very little long Sunday runs to speak of. My longest runs were my two previous 15k races, the Happy Run, held last January 25 and Runew, last February 22. I remember one 21k run before the RUNEW race but that was it. In between those races are training runs that average between 10 and 14k/day which i did during the weekdays. So would i be able to last the distance? And would this be another “Bahala na si Batman?”

Race Bib and the free t-shirt

Race Bib and the free t-shirt

In retrospect, i have ran this distance countless of times during races in the 80s but ability have diminished with age so this is like running the half for the first time again. Experience should dictate that i should be doing long Sunday runs of 18 to 25 kms in order to finish a half-marathon comfortably. To aggravate matters, i suffered from severe diarrhea a few days ago which sidelined me for 3 days that left me very weak and dehydrated. I got back to running only yesterday and did a few kilometers of jogging. This morning with my running buddy June, i was able to squeeze in a 11.5km run.

So here i am cramming for more mileage. My game plan: tomorrow March 8, i will be joining a group run either in UP or in BHS for 21k and another 21k the following Sunday, March 15 to complement my shorter weekday runs. This will greatly boost my self confidence leading up to March 22’s Condura race.

If all this fails, bahala na rin si Tarzan!


10 responses to “Who Is Training For This 21K Race?

  1. we just did, mr rene. πŸ™‚

    forgot to introduce myself yesterday at takbo.ph lsd. i’m rod (username: red), i was the one running with you at the last stretch of the lsd.

    kita-kits mr rene. sali ako sa “bahala na” gang. πŸ™‚

  2. natz– isa pang 21k this coming sunday at siguradong ready na. maski cash nalang toll fee natin, ayos na rin. πŸ™‚

  3. hi Red– yes, ikaw yung naka adidas singlet, iniwan tayo nina Pojie sa last kilometer pero ok lang 150 meters lang lamang nila.;-)

    maybe we should organize our own group, “bahala na si Tarzan” runners group! πŸ™‚

  4. Roselle, wag mo ibahin usapan, ha…basta, during the race, give me a wink on your way down from the skyway when i will still be struggling my way up there. that might give me encouragement to run faster! πŸ™‚

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