High On LSD With The Takbo.ph Runners

Resolved on nailing my first of two 21k trial runs before the actual Condura half-marathon, i decided to join the LSD run (Long Slow Distance, not the drug) at The Fort in Taguig. Organized by the forumers of Takbo.ph and led by Jinoe G., owner/administrator of the running portal, the distance to be covered would be at least 21kms, ran below race pace. So everybody gets to simulate the race conditions and the feel of running that distance come actual event.

It was an opportunity to meet and bond with habitues of Takbo.ph and finally put a picture on all those names and handles that i read on the boards. After arriving at the venue at about 5am and getting the car parked, i was immediately greeted by running couple Sheila and Jonas of the running blog, “2FORdaRoad” both of whom i’m meeting for the first time. They were also slated to do an LSD run but with a different group of runners. We would cross paths later during the course of our run. The Takbo.ph group consisted of about 70 runners divided into 3 groups which i would just call the fast (group 3), faster (group 2) and the fastest (group 1). i belonged to group 2 which was ably paced by Pojie and Steven. We started from Bonifacio High Street and the route took us to 5th Avenue, Lawton Avenue, McKinley Hill, back to Lawton Ave., Bayani Road then passing the Heritage Park, making our turn-around at C-5 and re-tracing our route back.

The "faster" runners of Group 2

The "faster" runners of Group 2 along Bayani Road

Our group made sure we covered the whole 21k stretch so upon our return back to The Fort, we ran a few more kilometers around the vicinity and ended our run at the starting point in BHS.

Group 2 along Mckinley Hill

Group 2 along Mckinley Hill

Trailing my group to the finish

Trailing my group to the finish

We covered a total distance of 21.3 kms (22.3 on other runners’ gps) with a time of 2:47 including water stops. Felt very tired on the last km but felt very good over-all after the run was finished. I’m glad that many first-timers from all the groups finished strong and hope they can sustain their training and taper until race day.

Also, i’m extremely happy of meeting a former classmate of mine in college, Felipe “Ipe” Dumpit of the blog, “kinderdorf leben” for the first time in a run. Nice to meet the other bloggers, Rico “Sheerwill” (thanks for the pics, bro), Cathy “Cathletic”, Roselle “Running Diva”, Natz “i2runner”, Jonas & Sheila “2FORdaROAD” and to the other first timers whose names i’ve missed.

A pat on the back for the organizers of this run! All the doctor-runners were of big help!

Btw, “Choco Mucho” works! Gave me added boost during the last part of the run. Both the milk covered and chocolate covered varities are good tasting as well.

Hoping to do another half this Sunday. Happy running to you all!

With Rico (m) and Ian (r)

With Rico (m) and Ian (r)

Group picture with the Takbo.ph runners (thanks to Marvin)

Group picture with the Takbo.ph runners (thanks to Marvin)

One more time

One more time


14 responses to “High On LSD With The Takbo.ph Runners

  1. Hi Sir Rene — was actually running with you at the last leg! So much for introductions…but I agree about the last few kilometers being hell, and finishing I can like to the best feeling in the world. =)

    See you at Condura!


  2. Hi Lauren,

    You had a good run, finishing strong with Pojie’s group last Sunday. Ang galing mo na! i’m sure you’ll be able to finish as strong in Condura.

    See yah, 03-22. πŸ™‚

  3. Sir Rene, nice post and pics! Sana next LSD naten, 100+ na tayo. Grabe, di pa rin ako makapaniwala sa dami naten. Dati sa UP tayo iilan lang ang takbo.ph


  4. It takes me back to the runnex training a couple of years ago when I see this number of people. I used to run with the runcpi and mariners group during those days when I was training for my first full marathon. See you at the condura 21.

  5. Hi Vener–i hope we have these number of runners back at UP. But its exciting to run with runners of other groups. it gives your runs more meaning and excitement.

    hope you break your 21k PR!

  6. So sad to have missed this. I have never run with a group before. Sometimes I just wish things are a bit different so I could have more time and freedom. Oh, well. Maybe next time.

    Good luck in the Condura, Rene.

  7. Hi Nora,

    i sure hope you find time to run with a group. Running seems easier as stories, fun and laughter are always ever present in group running.

    always keep in touch. will you be at the Condura race?

  8. Well said, (written?) Sir Rene. This is Pojie. Im glad you have a clear picture of the group on the move in your site. After navigating your blogs, i was amazed at the trails you have taken. Someday, i’d pass through those roads! See you at the Condura.

  9. Hi Pojie– thanks for visiting the blog.

    It will be a pleasure to bring the group to the trails of Montalban and Binangonan. A new place to run and a new adventure for many.

    See you at Condura!

  10. Sir Rene, hope to pace with you again sa mga LSD. I’m really excited about the Montalban and Binangonan Route!. More power to you!

  11. Aha! So you were with the “faster” group. πŸ˜€ Me, I was with the last fast ones only. Nice post Sir Rene. Glad to know that that this LSD was in itself a reunion with Kinderdorf. Small world, wan’t it? Ready to save the whalesharks at the Skyway? πŸ˜€

  12. Hi Roselle– “faster” (kuno) lang yun! yup, small world–was glad to have met with Kinderdorf.

    >Ready to save the whalesharks at the Skyway?<

    i’m actually getting ready to save my skin from your shark-like speed. Just don’t extend the gap too much, ok? remember, doctor’s order not to go full blast.:-)

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