What’s Inside: Second Wind Running Store

A specialty running store should not only be about making a sell, packing up the merchandise after the customer pays for it and saying thank you when the customer exits the door. Though the clicking of the cash register shall remain as the store owner’s main objective, it is his relationship with the running community that will serve as his selling point in order for his store to prosper.

Thus, a running store (for runners) should also be the center of events for the local running scene. It’s where runners, from the beginning jogger to the elite marathoner and ultra-marathoner go for advise for the shoes that’s best for them; where to find the most popular running routes and running clubs of which one can join; check-out racing schedules and register for upcoming races;  join scheduled group LSD runs; seek training advice and just connect with other runners.

Store's Facade

Store's Facade

This is what Hector Yuzon, ultra-marathoner and President of Second Wind Running Store envisions on what his store would like to offer for the local running community. Yesterday on its opening day (March 28, 2009), my running buddy June and i made a visit to see what was in store. Upon entering, one would feel the running theme ambiance wherein scores of running bibs are prominently displayed at the right side entrance. Rows of running shoes are showcased on the walls with brands like New Balance, Mizuno and Asics. These shoes are well represented, all models and sizes seem to be in stock while rows of shoe boxes are positioned at the bottom of the display.

Whirlwind of bibs. Hey, i recognize you too!

Hector at the counter with his whirlwind of bibs. Hey, i recognize you too!

New Balance and Mizunos on display

New Balance and Mizunos on display

However, very little seems to be in offer for running apparels with a small stock of New Balance dry-fit tech shirts and shorts on display. Hector explains that they’re still trying to build up the stocks as they intend to offer more brands in the future.

The Asics and NB running apparel

The Asics and NB running apparel

Also available are hand-held hydration kits, Power Gels which are reasonably priced, energy jelly beans which were introduced during the Condura Run and sports sunglasses of different models and varying prices. At the middle of the store is a treadmill that serves as a gait analyzer to try out shoes that’s best for your feet.

Second Wind President, Hector Yuzon. Always a helping hand

Always a helping hand

Second Wind’s level of commitment and involvement with runners are both promising and Hector Yuzon’s passion to serve out the sport he loves will be evident in the days, months and hopefully years ahead.

Thumbs up to Second Wind!

Thumbs up to Second Wind!

ADDRESS:  88 Maginhawa St., Teachers Village QC
EMAIL:       secondwind.proshop@gmail.com    / SHOP: 799-2089


10 responses to “What’s Inside: Second Wind Running Store

  1. That’s right. Hector has even scheduled 5k runs from his store to UP campus and back. He wants to make this a regular event.

  2. nice post mr rene. last sunday after MR & breakfast at jollibee we (6 of us from takbo.ph) dropped by the store. very accomdating si mr hector. timmy even tried the treadmill and was analyzed too. ang galing ng concept ng store.

  3. Hi Rene,

    Though you will post your recent run in Montalban, i’m excited to see those photo’s of your’s.


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