Photo Of The Week: Hydration Belt?

Hydration Belt or I-Pod Case?

Hydration Belt?

Some say it’s a hydration belt, others insist it’s a urinal pouch, others a bib belt while some would argue that it’s a men’s suspender thong . Whatever it is, i think he has it all covered.

Taken at the 2007 Boston  Marathon.

Sent by Janice C.

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5 responses to “Photo Of The Week: Hydration Belt?

  1. Rene, I guess the Bay To Breakers came early for this guy. I hink he’s in the wrong race.

    Hope everything’s well with you. Take care.

  2. Hi Rene. They still have the centipedes. They are trying to clean up some of the other stuff. However, it’s 12K long and I don’t think the city can afford a whole police force for it.

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