If Green Is Good, Run Is Better

shoebeltThe GIG Run, a run to raise awareness on the need to protect and reforestate the Ipo Watershed is one advocacy race i would surely want to join. A clean environment is still the essence of our existence with the preservation of our nature. Breathing in fresh, unpolluted air is essential, while our forests provide protection againts harmful carbon dioxide, helps minimize floods in low lying areas and provides a habitat for fauna and other living objects.

As runners, our forests provides an area for recreation, a place to run, to camp on or just to appreciate and be one with nature. Running in the shades of trees and unspoiled mountain sides is a thankful and almost spiritual experience. To hear your own breath in the silence of nature, appreciate the scent of beauty and enjoy the fruits of creation is priceless. Without a doubt, this experience, together with keeping our bodies healthy thru running enhance an escape from the stress of our everyday lives.

Yet, we continue to bear witness to the destruction of these forests thru cutting of trees and continous land development. This is most obvious during our various trail runs outside the metropolis as we ran the various hills of stagnant subdivision areas, we see cracks of asphalt and cement deteriorating in what was probably a once forested area.

Grass creeping out from the undeveloped roads of abandoned subdivisions

Grass creeping out from undeveloped roads of abandoned subdivisions



Slash and burn farming (kaingin) should stop!

Slash and burn farming (kaingin) should stop!

Signs of neglect are obvious in many parts of these areas; rotting machines abandoned; the cracks on asphalts where grass creeps out between its cracks and brown smokestacks, probably to burn wood and sell its coal. We all should do our share in protecting the environment and we should do it now. Former US Vice-President Al Gore notes that time is of the essence since a diminishing period of time exists for us to protect our wilderness areas before they collapse. Otherwise, he says, we may reach the point where clusters of grass and trees are encased in bubble of protection, like those animals in our zoos. Let’s give our next generation of runners a breathable earth to enjoy their sport.


14 responses to “If Green Is Good, Run Is Better

  1. Thanks for the post Sir Rene, very good insight on the state of our environment.

    Baka there will come a time puro virtual runs nalang meron because of too much pollution or worse baha na kasi…wala ng runners sa mundo 😦

  2. Rene, if I were living in the Philippines, this would be a must do race. Whenever I see a race here in the U.S. that has something to do with the enviornment, I’m quick to sign up and run.

    Take care and have a good weekend!

    • True, BR and they must do more. They have come up with full page ads today expressing the country’s natural wonders to celebrate World Environment Day which is a bit ironic.

  3. I recall a tree planting activity about 2 years ago in Gen. Trias, Cavite to commemorate the town’s foundation day. With the town officials leading the event, the length of Governor’s Drive was lined with saplings (acacia, i think) spaced about 50m apart. It was an inspiring sight. But a few months later, with nobody tending them, the saplings began to wither, some eaten or trampled by roaming cows and goats. Just a few months ago, a road expansion project began and the stragglers from that tree planting event just disappeared and now replaced by billboards advertising the participation to the road project by GMA, Ayong Maliksi, and Bong Revilla.

  4. Very nice post boss Rene. Truly, the environmental problems that have been plaguing the country have been going on for far too long. This is a nice run, although I don’t think I can race it. I register though, if only to show my support 🙂


  5. rp/ronin/luis– thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts!

    We all need to do our share as our environment and preservation of nature depends on us just as we & the future generations depend on it. On ways to save our environment, here’s how we can do our share:

  6. Here are some pics to better visualize the destruction of the Ipo Dam Watershed :




    The GIGRUN is being organized/supported by an all volunteer group, mostly students from UP Diliman and some Alumni. This will benefit the reforestation of Ipo as well as promoting the use of bikes inside the campus (www.padyak.org)

    Thanks for your support, help us spread the word. See you on the 28th!

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