Photo Of The Week: CW-X “Ventilator”

cwx ventilator

It’s supposed to reduce skin surface temperature, improving air circulation; and the patented Conditioning Web fabric support key muscle group and ligaments, improving efficiency for better over-all performance. But little did Pinoy Ultra-Marathoner Ronald Rei Declarador know that the US$ 100.00 CW-X Ventilator Tights is not tear-proof and got more ventilation than he asked for when a stray branch of a tree ripped it at last month’s TNF100 solo ultra-marathon run.

Talking about high-tech fabrics…

Thanks to Ronald for sending this photo.

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10 responses to “Photo Of The Week: CW-X “Ventilator”

  1. ronald, “pinoy ultramarathoner” ka na which is totally different from PUR! hehehe! i’ve never seen top trail runners here in the USA using tights, most especially here in California! I guess, you can use tights in trails which are wide..i suggest using those CW-X shorts, instead, in the philippines! nice picture!

  2. Hi Rene, off topic will there be anyone from runnex or any group running tomorrow in UP? Just like to know, planning to make good use of the break before school starts.

  3. Hi Sir Rene,

    It seems that the race was indeed fun!
    I should’ve joined pero I attended the freedom climb in pico de loro which is also an excitng event.

    Till our next run!

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