Green Is ‘Great’ Run: U.P. June 28, 2009

shoeI’ve been hoping to run a race where i could just relax a bit and not push myself to the limits.Β  Testing your progress race after race and the thought of another grueling run to best your PR was not just a pleasant one. I felt no need to run against the competition, nor dwell on the pacing but just to feel the groove of all runners around me.

That break came in yesterday’s GIG (Green Is Good) RUN ’09, organized by the University of the Philippines’ Mountaineers. I think this is just the race i needed. This 10k race on the shaded U.P. Campus which has been my training grounds made me want to run it at a more leisurely pace.

June and I arrive at the venue past 5am and met with Connie (June’s office-mate) and her boyfriend, Roel near the starting line. It was Connie’s first 5k race and she was very excited for it. Runners were now starting to arrive in droves while the organizers were announcing of the free porridge being served for the runners who wanted to fill-up their tummies before the race– a first in the history of local races. A runner or two who probably were immune to digestive disorders helped themselves, to their delight.

The race started at the front steps of Palma Hall and quickly stretched to the School of Economics Building before going the slight hill towards Malcolm Hall. I consciously took it easy and enjoyed the company of the other runners around me. I passed-up the first of several water stations as i coasted along Magsaysay Ave. which was downhill.

I took my first cup of water at the corner of Magsaysay Ave. before turning left at E. Jacinto Street. Here, the run was a bit cautious as we had to compete with cars moving their way on the right lane. This stretch was nearly flat until we entered EDSA Street as i maintained an even 6:30 pace even as the field thinned out. The running here was still relaxed as we were protected by the shades of trees under overcast skies, perfect weather for running. I still felt loose and easy, no reason to speed up as i had just set to myself to coast along.

The race route was a new one for me, having been used to running the regular race routes that always started in front of the U.P. Theater. This time it had more variety, a faster course and ran less of the usual academic oval route.

Like my usual races, i was starting to feel a little hurt coming on after km 7 when reaching the uphill towards the UP Police Station. Worse, the water station assigned past this area had ran out of their supplies so i told myself there’s only 2.5 kms. left anyway and you’re not suppose to suffer from severe dehydration with 2.5 kms left!

Going back the last 3kms., there was this young guy who kept sprinting past me and would suddenly stop on his tracks about 5 meters in front, then walk. After a minute or two, he would again sprint past, stop, then walk! This process would be repeated 6 times more that it got me a little bit irritated! Man, what was he doing? Was he running 100-meter interval repetitions then stop dead in front of my path like he was doing it on purpose. (Even if he wasn’t, these things always play into your mind when you’re tired).

When we were about to reach the last bend for the straight to the finish, he sprinted past by me the final time before we turned left to the finish. I knew he was going to sustain the sprint up to the finish line so the impish side of me thought of giving this guy a dose of his own medicine. I tucked myself about 2 steps behind him and at the last 30 meters, i dashed in full speed until i came elbow to elbow with him and when he realized the devious act i was to inflict, he tried to respond with all his might but no way was he going past through me so i held him off and crossed the finish chute less than a second in front of him.

I tried to suppress my evil grin and from one corner of my eye, i saw the rage on his face, a man pissed-off, the expression on his face, priceless! Man, if you’re reading this blog, i’m sorry–it’s just part of the craziness (and fun) of the sport!:-) I finished with a time of 1:03, another minute off from my previous 10k at the Runnex Anniversary race a month ago.

We hung around for some picture taking plus got a chance to speak with Manong Jovie (Bald Runner) who gave me some tips on his great dishes, Jaymie (The Bull Runner) with hubby Dennis, Karlo (Run and Drum) who flew in from Cebu City just so he could run this event but had to fly back the same day (addict!) and the raucous running group.

It was a great day for all…and a great way to run for mother nature.

From (r) June, Connie, Darryl and me

At the start, from (r) June, Connie, Darryl and me

Roel pinning Nicole's race bib, her first 5k race

Roel pinning Nicole's race bib, her first 5k race

With the runners

With the runners

Posing up before the race

Posing up before the race

With Marga(licious) of

With Marga(licious) of

With Karlo and Marga

With Karlo and Marga

June with cousin, Bobbi and her hubby

June with cousin, Bobbi and her hubby

Lovebirds, Myra and Rodel

Lovebirds, Myra and Rodel


8 responses to “Green Is ‘Great’ Run: U.P. June 28, 2009

  1. hi! i’m eire πŸ™‚ i was supposed to get the complimentary 10K race no. from you…couldn’t find you, though…didn’t know how you looked, too πŸ˜› it’s alright, thanks anyway for the offer πŸ˜€ congratulations on a great run! hope to meet you soon πŸ˜€ thanks again πŸ™‚

    eire πŸ™‚

  2. Nice to run into you at GIG πŸ™‚

    That incident with the “interval” guy is hilarious. I could feel your mirth at having bested him at his own game. Great going! πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for joining GIGRUN 2009. We will have a shoot-to-kill para sa lahat ng bandits and sunday runners next year hahaha…

    Great finish, I guess kala nung bata wala ka ng gas.
    Only to find out in the end that you were solar powered πŸ™‚


  4. Hi Doc Eire– Marga asked me to hold the no. for you but when she told me that you were still coming your way from the south and with just a few minutes left before the start, i just returned it back to the original lady owner.:-)

    Thanks for dropping by and hope to meet you soon.:-)

  5. Hi MJ. Nice to see you after the race. i got teased by the clinic group last sunday. They alluded to my racing 10ks more than training for the full mary! ha! good luck to your tictakbo run.

    DT1021– true, true! why can’t they just slow down and run an even pace?:-) thanks for dropping by!

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