Photo Of The Week: Sock It To Me!

urbanite socks3

More than a dozen runners made quite a stir when they appeared in colorful knee-length socks at the recent Urbanite Run at The Fort. The fashion statement elicited some attention but for some runners wearing it, it created discomfort (and some mild embarrassment) while on the run. When asked if they would run in them again, many said that this would be their first and last. Pressed further on why it would be their last, one of them blurted out, “because it sOcks!”:-)

Photo by McCoy Lontoc.

(If you have other interesting/unusual running photos you would like featured, you can e-mail them to the jazzrunner at and leave a comment with the details.)



2 responses to “Photo Of The Week: Sock It To Me!

    • I agree, Patrick. i think the men should be content in wearing their usual anklet socks..and shorts!:-)

      Thanks for dropping by!:-)

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