LSD Run: For QCIM and SIM Runners

Practice Run: QCIM Route

Practice Run: QCIM Route

 For all those who will be running the Subic International Marathon (SIM) and the Quezon City International Marathon, we are organizing a Long Slow Distance (LSD) run this coming Sunday, October 4, 2009. This LSD run will cover a distance of 25 to 35 kilometers passing along the route of the QCIM.

Assembly area will be at the UP Oblation. Here are the details:

4:00 – 4:20am : Meet up infront of the UP Oblation. Runners can park their vehicles in front of Abelardo hall or Plaridell hall which is just 100 meters away from the Oblation.

4:30 : We simulate the start time of the QCIM so if possible, we start our run on time.

We start from the Oblation on our way out to University Ave. then turn right to Commonwealth Avenue. From Commonwealth, we turn right to Batasan Road and make a u-turn when we reach the back of Batasan Pambansa on the way back to Commonwealth. From Commonwealth, we turn right on the road that leads to The La Mesa Eco Park. We’ll check if we’ll be permitted to access the route inside the Park otherwise, we shall have to run the peripheral roads outside of the exact route. We exit again at Commonwealth and turn right to Regalado Avenue on the way to SM Fairview then turn right to Quirino Highway and make a u-turn after 2 kms on the way back.

Runners who only wish to run the 21k route can do so by going back to Commonwealth Avenue after the turn-around at the back of Batasang Pampansa and towards North Avenue. For those who will not be able to run the whole 25-35 km stretch, there are always public jeepneys that will take you back to Philcoa and UP.

Runners should bring their own fuel/hydration belts/ belt bag-pouch/ hand held water bottle/ camel backpack, bars/gels. Grocery and other convinience stores are available along the route.

All runners are invited whether they are running the SIM, QCIM, Milo or any other long distance races.

They can list up at the website, in this link:

So far, the list of runners joining are as follows:

01. Rene
02. Mar
03. Erick
04. DocT
05. McCoy
06. Decipher
07. Betty
08. Mel
09. Tonette
11. James (runma777)
12. rltanmd
13. Marvin Rae
14. Pat…
15. Art
16. Joen
17. Jassel aka Russel (QCIM 5:30 Pacer Group)
18. Prince
19. Bon
20. Bong
21. David
22. Earl – 22km
23. Vicky Ras
24. Edu
25. lauren
26. julie
27. nao
28. Carly
29. Ziggy (will try to join. adjust ko pa kasi sked ko)
30. charles…
We’ll see you all there this Sunday!

30 responses to “LSD Run: For QCIM and SIM Runners

  1. Hello Rene!

    I hope you’re injury is healed completely.

    Wow! That’s a really big group doing an LSD.

    Members of the Cebu Executive Runners Club who are joining the QCIM and the Amsterdam Marathon did our last 20-miler before D-day. We ran from Cebu Capitol to Danao City.

    We’ve trained well and hard. I think the rest is now up to God.

    Good luck to the organizers of QCIM. I hope there won’t be any storm or flood on the 18th.

    Good luck to us all!

    • Hi Haide,

      That’s a pretty long run you had there. Injury’s gone, for now. We’ll be happy to see the large delegation from Cebu soon!:-)

  2. I hope to join in, if our qualifying exam (for the Nursing Board) don’t push through this Sunday…. I’d rather be running than taking a long quiz, lol 🙂

    • I agree, Poj. And it’s has always been you the runners have been clinging to for support. We may do a 6:30 / 7:00 / 7:30 / 8:00 and 8:30 paces. We’ll have to sort this out at the website.

  3. sir can I join the fun run? I live in novaliches, so I’m planning when we reach the quirino highway. can I part ways going to direction of our home. anyway I’m only registered at 21K.

    • Sure Jhun, you can join. By the time we reach Novaliches, you would have ran about 18-20k just enough lsd training
      for your 21k.:-)

  4. i am also planning to join this, if ever i’ll be at the venue by 415am, im joining the 21k for the qcim

  5. Joms, Wilson & Romy– i’ll see you all this Sunday. Hope typhoon Pepeng would ease a little in time for Sunday’s run.

    • Jhun, guess its too late answering your query but we were able to run. hope you were there with us.

  6. Yes sir, I was able to joined the run. It was really a good experience for me, I had a good 20K run when we reach SM fairview (thanks to Wilson GPS whom I’m met in the run) but unfortunately I wasn’t able to run going back to UP. Because I feel my legs starting to wear down(cramps), so I decided to right a jeep going to UP to get my car. (I’m sorry for that). Anyway I just want to thank you for organizing this kind of run, it really help me a lot. I hope you’ll be organizing more runs like this in the future. Again Thank you!!! 😀

    • That’s ok, Jhun. i thought of riding the jeep too many times during our run. 🙂 Better to be conservative than run the risk of injury.

      Hope you can join us again next time. See you soon!

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