QCIM To Donate P.5M To Ondoy Victims

A P500,000 portion of the sponsorships generated  for the holding of the first Quezon City International Marathon (QCIM) is being re-channeled to help the victims of typhoon Ondoy, the Quezon City government and Runnex officials announced last Tuesday. The initial QCIM donation will be drawn from the product contribution of San Miguel Corporation, sponsor to the running event.

Also, Runnex Chair Art Disini has committed to donate part of the registration fees for the marathon to the victims of Typhoon Ondoy in Quezon City. In this way, all runners to the QCIM are contributing even in a small way to help those affected in rebuilding their lives and continuing to pursue their dreams for themselves and their families.

I do not wish to drum up more support for this marathon than what it has already gained as a major event to look forward to but organizations and local governments tasked to build up their respective communities should lead the way in providing victims food, water and other necessities.

Ondoy disaster

By providing the little that we could give to help these victims, running would have a more meaningful essence knowing that a substantial part of the proceeds and registration fees of this race are going to a very good cause.

See you at Sunday’s LSD run!

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