Race Results: QCIM

For unofficial race results of all categories of the QCIM, see above tables for each category. NOTE:  (Race Results have now been transferred to http://www.runnex.org).

We would like to state that due to the following reasons, many runners do not appear in the list:

1.  Over 700 runners gave either incomplete or inaccurate information in their registration forms and therefore could not be correctly processed.

2.  An similar number of runners were allowed to register after the dead line, but with the condition that they can run but without time.

9 responses to “Race Results: QCIM

    • Sorry Cathy, must have missed your previous comment(?) We don’t have that runpix analysis as it wasn’t included in our negotiations with the race organizers. However, it will be considered next time. Thanks!

    • jb–exclusively for finish times nalang. Negotiations for the runpix analysis did not push thru. sorry!

  1. Is there a complete posting for photos of the runners? or just selection of particular shots posted?

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