Race For Life ’09

Saturdays are fast gaining ground as the day of choice for staging a race. With Sundays becoming overly crowded with race schedules, race organizers are now concerned on how they can attract runners whenever one or two more races are scheduled on the same day. Runners now have the option in choosing which races to run while race organizers are now moving out of the crowded Sunday schedule and opting to move their races on a Saturday instead.

This means less competition from the other races and if the event has a good race record in the past, a good race director/organizer and a good value for money in terms of registration fees (lots of freebies too) then runners will take notice.

One such race held last Saturday (October 24)  was the “Race For Life Run ’09”, a 3/5/10/15k race organized by the Real Life Foundation, a Christian Non Profit NGO with a vision of seeing thousands of marginalized Filipino youth educated, gainfully employed and uplifting their communities. This race was i think their second one to stage and has the venerable Rudy Biscocho as Race Director.

When i got text messages from my running buddies June and Darryl that they had a complimentary 10K race kit for me and asked it i was interested to run, i immediately said yes.  However, when i found out the the race would be on the 24th, a Saturday, i posed to think that i would be running a half marathon the following day, Sunday for the Adidas King of the Road race. That meant i was going to race on two consecutive days.

Going into Saturday’s race, i had no illusions of running for a PR or anything fast as i would just be treating this as a regular 10k practice run, a chill run. Yeah, right! Runners always remind this thing to themselves or to others but when the gun sounds off, you immediately shift to 3rd gear and bulldoze your way with the others in an adrenaline rush, forgetting what you had earlier planned to be just a training run.


Starting line

As expected, at the start of the race, i found myself in the familiar position of trying to rush out from the start, again getting carried away by the mad dash! Race started near the International School, traversing the whole stretch of 32nd street all the way to Kalayaan Bridge, down to Buendia Ave. and back. I felt good up to the 3km mark, running at about 6min/km pace before i felt my left hamstring twitch and tighten at 3.2kms. Same old injury acting up again, i thought.

At this point, Russell Pata, a pacer at the QCIM came to my side and wanted to pace but i had to slow down considerably to let the hamstring loosen up. Well, it didn’t, even if i had to slow down to a 7min/km pace. Russell decided to run at his own fast pace after 8kms so i was left to cruise alone until the finish line with a time of 1:07.

Overall, the race was OK, even if they didn’t have water stations for the first 4 kms. There were goodies galore (i got a nice tote bag, snacks with drinks plus 2 t-shirts). The race was well attended, considering that it was a low-key race and i’ll surely be back again next year! Let’s all support the advocacy of the Real Life Foundation, http://www.igivetolife.com/


Crowd after the race


MC Rica Paralejo gracing the occasion


With June


Rica with once-upon-a-time crush, Donita


Announcing the winners


June & running buddies


Darryl & June


More of Rica & Donita


Never mind her sometimes corny asides but she is cute!


5 responses to “Race For Life ’09

    • Hi Sam! Rica is a looker and so is Donita, although she has gained a lot of pounds, obviously. Close call you had there at Subic. Glad you’re fine though. See you soon, bro!:-)

  1. this race was held in november last year. too bad i wasn’t able to join this one because I was in Subic, it’d have been my first “second edition” race(I joined the RFL08)! BTW, nice shots of rica and donita, sir!

    • The race was nice, Wilson, a decent one with just about everything to look for in a race. Btw, congratz on your QCIM and SIM marathons!:-)

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