Chopsuey Run

A day after our group run from Second Wind-Maginhawa Store to their newly opened Juliana Vargas branch in Pasig, i thought of getting up early that Sunday and do a solo run. Though legs still felt heavy, the short trot to the U.P. campus would probably relax these weary legs of mine. Sometimes, i feel sluggish upon getting on to start and i begin to wonder if the late night bread binges in bed could have been the culprit to all these slackness.

I usually take dinner before 6pm and i get hungry a few hours later before going to bed at about 9pm. Crackers wouldn’t satiate my hunger pangs so i turn to something a little filling, like a pudding or two and that usually keeps the craving at bay until the start of my run the following morning and this is keeping my weight up! Hopefully, i’ll have to limit this intake before sleeping.

Back to the run, i  started getting into a groove and felt the tightness in my calves and thighs. Ha! I forgot to stretch. It may be psychological but starting a run without stretching makes me feel a bit caustic in my steps but i decide to trudge on. UP is just 3 kms away, anyway.

The UP campus, specially along the academic oval bustles with activity every weekend. This Sunday, there’s the usual horde of newbie runners attending the Runnex Running Clinic in front of Abelardo Hall, a 5/10k race being held simultaneously at the other side of the oval and the usual crowd of runners, joggers and bikers. I’m not particularly fond of running around the oval so i head for the outskirts which is less crowded and get to run to what they refer to as Heartbreak Hill to get my dose of hill running.

On the route, i get to bump into Merriam, Obet and the faster runners of Runnex who are doing either their tempo or LSD runs and they entice me to join them. Geez, i wish i had the strength, so i say next time. I continue my run and after an hour and a half of slow running, i call it a day.


Start of the UPIS Run Againts Climate Change (5k)


UPIS 10k start


The Runnex advance group doing their tempo run


From Left, Gani, Merriam, Obet

I start to crave for food again and i pass by this noodle house on my way home. The attendant was serving a customer at the counter with what i thought was a generous serving of Chopsuey rice! And it looked so yummy so i decide to enter the place and order one too. The vegetables were indeed fresh and crispy and at P70.00 bucks per order, i think the price was reasonable.


Chopsuey Rice i took for breakfast

Will have to take a rest day or two and have a massage later to give these tired, old weary legs of mine a respite.

See you at the Race and Shine Run for Autism here this Saturday and the Fit N’ Right Run here the following day, Sunday. I’ll be running both their 10k runs…and they’ll be easy runs again.


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