Running Shoes: Myth and Reality

When narrowing your choice for the right running shoes, there are still myths and false perceptions that stand in the way of an intelligent purchase.

Here are tips to distinguish between myths and reality:

MYTH:  The best time to buy your new shoes is late in the day, because your feet swell during the day (after walking all day in the office, doing field work) and you want shoes that will accommodate your feet at their largest.

REALITY:  The best time to buy your new shoes is immediately after a workout, because that’s when your feet are most swollen.


MYTH:  It’s a waste of time to try on shoes for measure when buying new shoes because you already know your foot size.

REALITY:  Your feet get longer and wider as you age. Just because you wore a size 9 1/2 last year doesn’t mean a size 9 1/2 will still fit. Have your feet measured for length and width at least once a year or try-on shoe sizes of different brands, or the brand that a friend or relative is going to buy for you as a gift or from abroad so they would know what size to buy.


MYTH:  The best running shoes are the most expensive ones.

REALITY:  The most expensive shoes have the most features and best materials but peso-for-peso, the highest value running shoes are the mid-priced (P3,500-P4,500) price range. Shoes in this range incorporate the most important cushioning and stability technologies. More importantly, the best running shoes are those that match your running and biomechanical needs, whether the shoes are expensive or not.

"I'm not sure if these are actually good running shoes,but they are the most expensive ones we carry."


MYTH:  Running shoes are all very similar.

REALITY:  They may look the same and use many of the same materials, but they’re not the same. They have different constructions, different shapes and different midsole designs all intended to produce shoes with different characteristics for different runners. This is where shoe experts of specialty running stores are of great help.


MYTH:  The best shoe for you is the lightest.

REALITY:  For most runners, the opposite is closer to the truth. The lighter the shoe, the less likely it will be supportive, durable or cushioned. If these characteristics are important to you, and they are for many runners, you shouldn’t choose a shoe for its lightness unless you use it for racing or if you are bio-mechanically efficient, for fast-paced training.

Lightest running shoe


MYTH:  The best running shoes for women is a women’s running shoe.

REALITY:  Not necessarily. The best shoe for a women is the one that fits her best. This may or may not be a women’s shoe. If a woman has bigger or wider feet, a men’s shoe might fit her better.


MYTH:  Men’s running shoes are built better than women’s.

REALITY:  Not true. However, many women do have trouble finding shoes that fit the way they’d like it. From this, they may conclude that the shoes are technically inferior to men’s shoes. Although some shoe companies have created shoes that contour the characteristics of most women’s feet, all midsoles, outsoles and upper materials are the same on men and women’s shoes.


7 responses to “Running Shoes: Myth and Reality

  1. Thanks for the very informative blog, Sir Rene. I’ve been reading your blogs regularly for some time now, and I always find them interesting. I hope you won’t mind, but I’ve also added your blog to my blogroll. See you on the road, sir!

    • Hi Julius! Thanks for dropping by. Please do say hi next time you get to see me in the races. Been browsing your blog too from time to time and enjoyed reading your sojourns in HK/Macau.

      Will add you too in my blogroll.

  2. very informative sir rene! I used to wear a size 5 but now I’m a size 6. I thought my feet were getting fat haha! I’m aging lang pala hehe =) Well at least that explains it. =)

    • Hi Julie! i also used to wear size 8 1/2 shoes many years ago but i’m now on size 9 1/2 to 10. If i get a 2E width shoe, its 9 1/2 but if its a regular size, it’s a 10!

      Hey, you weren’t at the party last night! daming newbies dun! Hope you can join along one of these days.:-)

  3. Great info here for a newbie runner like me 🙂 i always followed the “buy your shoes in the afternoon” Myth! haha 🙂 More power to your running and blog! I’m following you on RSS. Cheers and good luck on your next marathon!

    • Thanks, MS!

      I used to buy mine in the late afternoon as well. But i think it’s ok to buy any time after running in the morning. Your feet should still be at its widest for the rest of the day.
      Thanks for dropping by!:-)

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