Gatorade “Sakto”

The little Gato beside his 3 big brothers

Have you tried or even seen these little suckers at your neighborhood sari-sari store? They’re  being sold at all stalls inside the Quezon Memorial Circle and it’s been out in the market for a few weeks now.

Like the pocket sized version of the Coca Cola soda, the 240 ml Gatorade is trying to compete with the low priced energy drinks like Cobra, Sting and Samurai. Although the bottle cap has a suggested retail price of P10.00,  it actually cost about P12.00-15.00 which is the same with those of the energy drinks.

I’ve tried the Fruity Punch flavor ( i thinks it’s the only one available right now) and tastes the same like its big brother. Problem is, you can’t take and hold them in your runs because of the glass bottle container which is quite heavy.

The Fruity Punch Flavor is the only one available for its size

Talking about sports drinks, i still prefer Gatorade’s Tiger drink as i find it more potent and satisfying. Too bad, it too got the axe and has now been discountinued by Gatorade.

12 responses to “Gatorade “Sakto”

  1. boss rene,

    like you, i prefer tiger gatorade. maybe gatorade can come up with a new name for the ex-tiger.. say like.. ali?

    as in ali… gatorade.. *ang korni ko* hahahaha


  2. fanelow! ali-gatorade hahahha
    but yeah, that gatorade i saw na here sa village, first time ever nung nilagnat ako before qcim wahahaha

  3. hahaha kulang pa ata sa akin yang gatorade ‘sakto’. 😛

    hmmm… they’re testing the waters siguro to figure out how the market would react, kung bebenta siya. ( $0.01 marketing thought)

    • Oo nga Bry, Bitin! It’s not yet widely available but if they could market it everywhere like what Cobra has, then i think it would click.

  4. natawa ko dito,hehehhe THIS is ONE of the MARKETING STRATEGIES OF Gatorade. PRICE mass strategy ikanga, so everybody can afford…let’s see.THANKS for the input sir rene…LETKU

    • Hi Luis–first look at it, you’ll really think that it’s fake. I even asked the tindera and she just said ‘try it’!

  5. Sir, I saw the same small gatorade in a sari-sari store near our house. Didn’t buy it coz I thought it wasn’t the real thing. Now that you’ve verified it, I’ll buy and try it on my way home. Cheers! 🙂

    • Hi Jan! Yes, it’s the real thing and most likely, its the fruity punch flavor that’s available at your store.

      Thanks for dropping by!:-)

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