Chi Running With Mr. Lit Onrubia

Difficult–but doable. Trying to change to a new running style when you had for years developed your own individual running form presents a very difficult challenge.

It is frustrating that some of us old-fart runners feel confronted when we get to grips with a new running style if we are not up to the task to run it the correct way. Worse, it causes more problems than it solves because the demands of the style is high and you can never be sure you are doing it right.

I already forgot (or i may no just be applying it) what Coach Jojo Macalintal taught us during one of the Runnex running clinics a few months back about the Kenyan style of running which is efficient, uses less energy and soft on the knees Technically, it has many invaluable advantages and if perfected, you can surely reap the benefits. However, it could take months or years to perfect it and you have to have time and patience to adhere to it.

Last Wednesday night, i had the chance to attend the launch of ChiRunning, a running program that combines the inner focus and flow of T’ai Chi with the power and energy of running to create a running form and philosophy that purportedly takes the pounding, pain and most injuries out of the sport of running. The clinic, which was held in front of Runnr Store in BHS was conducted by LIT ONRUBIA, the country’s only certified ChiRunning instructor. He provided a lecture and overview of the benefits of ChiRunning, its forms and techniques.

Lit Onrubia starting the seminar

Newton Running Shoes as partners with Chirunning

From the lecture, Mr. Onrubia talked about balance and the bio-mechanics of a good form. The core muscles play a vital part and with volunteers demonstrating, he showed the importance of core strength and how your shoulders, arms and legs should align with your feet that is facing forward. The core and waist should be tucked in a little (he uses his hand to measure part of core) After the proper balance and alignment is made, you slightly lean forward from your core, up– you let your body fall forward.

Friends to demonstrate the proper "Form"

From my point of view, i think you can incorporate all the varying running methods and apply what works best for you. Of course, these methods are mostly theories and in the final analysis, it will only be meaningful if it shows results in the roads.

Right now, i’m back to my old ways, with a little improvement in form, but still logging those miles with no major injuries (thank God!) Of course, there are new things that you do absorb and apply with these running techniques. Those i easily remember are being upright, relaxing your upper body and landing on your feet just below your body.

If you want to join LIT ONRUBIA’S ChiRunning classes, here is the schedule:

PRACTICAL SESSION 1 (12 runners/ batch)

TOPIC: Practical application of Chi RUNNING posture & biomechanics

Batch 1: Jan 21, Thurs, 6:00 – 7:30 PM
Batch 2: Jan 21, Thurs, 8:00 – 9:30 PM
Batch 3: Jan 23, Sat, 6:00 – 7:30 AM
Batch 4: Jan 23, Sat, 8:00 – 9:30 AM

PRACTICAL SESSION 2 (12 runners/batch)

TOPIC: Practical application of Chi Running gears, stride length, knee bends, & running cadence

Batch 1: Jan 26, Tues, 6:00-7:30pm
Batch 2: Jan 26, Tues, 8:00-9:30pm
Batch 3: Jan 27, Wed, 6:00-7:30pm
Batch 4: Jan 27, Wed, 8:00-9:30pm

INTERESTED RUNNERS MAY REGISTER @ RUNNR in B3, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City or call Lit Onrubia: 0917-537-6870 or e-mail:

Here are some pictures taken that night:

Toby Claudio of Runnr

With the peeps

Julie, Vic, Sam, Mark and Wilnar at the back

With the guys

With Pio(lo) and Ebong

View from the back

Last night's crowd

10 responses to “Chi Running With Mr. Lit Onrubia

  1. i agree with what you said…applying the running method that’s best for you. 🙂 i’m not sure if chi running is for me. 😛

    wow! PR post again, rene! 🙂 see you around.

    • Hi Bry– i agree with you. Your own running style seems to be working for you as it’s PR after PR when you run the races. See you at Condura!:-)

  2. Agree! ChiRunning is not for everyone. I’d like to think of it as a guide, but you should also incorporate your own style. One must go with the technique that makes you comfortable. But I must say, using this technique was pretty easy for me and I’m now used to it. As I’ve mentioned in my blog, the posture is very similar to what we (dancers) use. Maybe that’s why “hulmang-hulma” sya sa body ko.

    It was nice seeing you there, Sir Rene =)

  3. Hi Rene. Thanks for attending the event last Wed. And thanks for writing your thoughts on CR in your blog. I agree that people should run in a way that’s most comfortable and enjoyable for them. That’s what it’s all about, afterall. 🙂 Still, I believe that the CR form focuses centers on correct and natural biomechanics. And in the long run (no pun intended), this is what’ll help us not only run faster and longer, but (hopefully), til we’re all old and grey, as well. Best of luck to you and I hope to meet you again on the roads.

    • Thanks for your inputs, Lit! A lot of things were learned and CR definitely has opened our eyes to a lot of possibilities in running.

      See you again soon!:-)

  4. just came from a ChiRunning workshop by Lit in McKinley Hills and I must say I felt like flying- I love the way ChiRunning manages the uphill and downhill parts of the run as well as it’s emphasis on cadence – I’ll try applying Lit’s techniques at the Condura Run – thanks Lit! 🙂

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