All Set For Condura!

There was nary a hitch nor long lines present when i claimed my Condura 42k race packet yesterday afternoon at Condura’s designated booths near ROX at the Bonifacio High Street in Taguig. Not even the heat of the sun could spoil the relative ease in claiming my envelope and it was all done in one minute!

The lean crowd in the early afternoon

That's my designated tent. No lines yet.

I arrive early at about 4:15pm and being the first day start of retrieving the packets would have been one of the reasons for people not to rush out too early. I also surmised that a lot of them would still be preparing to leave their offices to get to the venue. While there were lines already on some of the tents, my designated booth was practically empty so I was all alone in front of the marshal’s table.

My race packet contained the following:

1.  Race Bib # 50610 (without barcode)

2.  A blank race bib where you can write your name

3.  A very nice Run for the Dolphins T-Shirt,

4.  A Nature Valley energy bar

5.  A Reflectorized Pin Button and

6.  An advance supplemental copy of the Philippine Star which features Sundays’ Condura run.

Contents of the race packet

The Philippine Star supplement is just enormous and contains a comprehensive program of events that include the race maps, race routes, hydration plans/stations, race pack redemption, emergency aid stations, Patrick Concepcion’s helpful marathon running tips and write-ups on the history of the Condura run and its advocacies. It’s pretty impressive, if you may ask.

Right now, i’m getting hyped-up already but nervous at the same time as this is going to be my first marathon race in 17 years (the last came at the ’93 HK Marathon) and my fifth 42k over-all. My goal now is just to be able to finish the race and have fun, as well.

See you at Condura!


11 responses to “All Set For Condura!

    • I really don’t know, Roelle. They gave me those same sachet at the Corregidor run and gave them all to my daughters!:-)

  1. goodluck to all of us running the condura sir rene…lets have fun at SKYWAY! dont forget your E-pass! hehehehehe

  2. Good luck Sir Rene! Should be awesome 🙂 Ako din walang Lactacyd hehe. Tapos my supplement was from last year, I found that quite odd. Anyway, makikibasa na lang ako. See you tomorrow wohoo!

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