Not Forgetting Our Condura Carbo-Loading Party

I almost forgot posting our recent Carbo-Loading Party (CLP) we had at Joey Peperroni, The Fort last Thursday, two days before our scheduled Condura Skyway Marathon. The get-together was a record-breaker of sorts, attracting more than 75 runners, mostly from the website forum.

CLPs are a runners favorite way of getting together, sharing their running stories while loading on their favorite pastas. All the formality of the dining table is broken down, allowing food and conversation to flow naturally in cozy surroundings.

It’s also a great way to ease the tension and a nice respite from the rigors of training before the big day comes. Here are some pictures as we enjoyed the moments and later savored in finishing the marathon:

At our table

Th early birds

Table hopping

Doc Pinky and Kikay Runner (Noelle)

Sid and Rey

Angel and Tina

Drunken L (Cindy) & the Flying B (Carina)

Abby and Gabby

JJ, Ambo K, Angel & Tina

Happy bunch!

Vicky and Doc T

Carmen and Mike, sitting

Kikay Runner

Great smile from Z...

(Thanks to Bong and Doc Marvs for some of the pics!)

4 responses to “Not Forgetting Our Condura Carbo-Loading Party

  1. Sir Rene,

    Nice seeing you again. Also thanks for following up my blog. I will soon update it. I was too busy and got no time to blog.

    I will post again soon

    Runner45 (runnermhel)

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