Recovery Trail Run at Licao-Licao

It was just supposed to be a recovery run.

After Sunday’s grueling Condura marathon, there’s not much i wanted to do but to take things easy in the days that followed: jog for a few minutes a day, walk and jog some more to loosen up those tight muscles and regain some mobility and flexibility.

I dread the days following a marathon as much as the race itself, as the effort to recover leaves me physically and mentally flat the weeks after. While a complete rest will never be an option, i have nevertheless continued to cross-train by attending Taebo classes after completing my 30 minutes of easy running.

When running pal, June Santiago proposed that we do an easy trail run inside Ciudad Real in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan for an easy run, i immediately accepted and took this as an opportunity to regenerate the muscles by concentrating more on the “pleasurable” act of running.

However, little did we know that the route to Licao-Licao was going to be a very long stretch of endless trails that runs for about 10kms one way that ends at the Veterans memorial in Brgy. San Isidro. We ran and walked and it took us a total of 4 hours covering about 21kms to traverse the whole route.

It was great to recharge the batteries by running in scenic settings bounded by trees, mountains, fauna, animals and all that nature presented. Moreover, it was nice to finally break-in the New Balance 609 Trail Shoe i bought recently (on sale) at the Sports Warehouse.

Although my legs felt the burn more that it loosened on what was supposed to be a relaxing run, i can honestly say, “we’ll be back again in a couple of weeks!”

Here’s our trail run, in pictures:

Entry to Licao-Licao via Ciudad Real, Bulacan

Inside Ciudad Real

June posing in front of the seminary

Start of the long trail

The rough road that challenged our trail shoes

Near the Salikneta Farm (De La Salle-Araneta University Research Lab)

Happy trails:-)

June with local town folks and a runner from the Fairview Running Club we met at the trails

Resuming our run

Approaching on our 4th kilometer

One of several short inclines

Rocky trail

One long stretch

The shade of trees kept us from the heat of the sun in the early part of our run

Which way to go?

Resting to pose

Run we go!

Running on rocks made the run much harder

This trail is now part of Licao-Licao

Trails were mostly double tracks

The sun's rays piercing through the foliage

Running high inside nature

Stopping at a shallow stream

Lady fetching water

We continue our quest

Couldn't resist taking a picture here amidst the quiet surroundings

Looking for a store to buy refreshments along Licao2 Highway

Logs residents stock for firewood

Farmer transporting some fertilizers for his farm

Searching for a possible "kilawin" dinner?

The long road back


14 responses to “Recovery Trail Run at Licao-Licao

  1. Sir Rene, kung saan-saan na naman kayo nakarating! What a “recovery”run! 🙂

    Julius (

    • Hi Atty. Gala tayo pag week-end eh, kung saan2 nakakarating..Doing this trail, i think the recovery has been extended to another week still:-(

  2. as usual, nice new route! i usually hear licao-licao from mountainbikers. pano po ba pumunta diyan? may ligaw ba sa trail? gusto ko subukan.

    • Ronald, when you reach SM Fairview, turn right to Quirino Highway, it’s just a km after the entrance of La Mesa Nature Reserve.

  3. Wow I soooo miss Licao-Licao, last time I was there was back in college, and we were there not to run but to enjoy the waterfalls 🙂


    • Thanks, Dennis! Unfortunately, we were not able to reach the waterfalls anymore for lack of time. Anyway, we plan to reach that mark on our next run. Good wishes on your forthcoming BDM ultrarun!:-)

    • Hi Lito– the entrance is also by way of Ciudad Real which is 2 kilometers past the La Mesa Nature Reserve in Quirino Highway, Novaliches.

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