Shoe Review: New Balance 609 Trail Shoe

It’s one of the best shoe purchases i had (and the cheapest)– an entry level, low profile trail shoe. The New Balane 609 All Terrain shoe offers more than your average trail shoe where it combines stability, comfort and enough traction to handle rough, rocky and soft trails.

A note on the NB609 shoe however, that this shoe is a ‘hybrid’ or more known as an “all-terrain” running shoe that represent somewhat of a cross between a road and a trail shoe. This is intended for runners who cover distances on hard pavements going to and from trails. All terrain shoes provide a softer, road-like outsoles without the extra-hard traction of a pure, technical-trail shoe.

The first break-in i did on the 609 was a 15 km run around the U.P. Campus so it was running on a combination of asphalt, cement and short tracks of dirt pavements. It didn’t consciously feel that i was wearing an all-terrain shoe as it hugged the hard pavements well like an ordinary road shoe. It provided enough cushioning and stability for me.

Prepping up for a trail run

For its next test, i took it to where it should feel more at home, at the Licao-Licao trails in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan ( licao-licao). The trails here are rough and rocky but the 609 was up to task on this demanding terrain as it performed well. It provided enough shock absorption as it hit sharp edges many times and was flexible enough while tackling steep inclines.

Rocky trail

The NB609 is just right for runners who have wide feet like me and it felt like a glove. It’s not light and neither too heavy and hugs the cup of my heel just perfectly. I never felt any tightness and felt that i could wear this forever. I would give this the highest marks in terms of performance, quality and its price. Well, you can’t beat the “bagsak presyo” price currently being offered at The Sports Warehouse where i bought the shoe.

Being an avid trail runner, i’m often asked the question, “Can you run on trails using your ordinary road shoes?” Of course, you can enjoy trails–specially smooth trails without running in trail shoes. However, if a trail is hilly, rocky, wet, muddy or slippery, it would be to your advantage and protection to wear a trail shoe. Why? Because it gives you more traction, water protection, a longer lasting upper and greater safety.

But if you just run trails once in a blue moon or on rare occasions where there are trail races, i suggest you get the “All-Terrain” type so you could use it for either on or off-road running.