Wazzup With Reebok Running Shoes?

Reebok Running Shoes produces some of the best running shoes ever. It has been consistently rated by Runners World magazine for either its Editor’s Choice, Best Buy or Best Debut picks. However, unlike most of its contemporaries like Nike, New Balance, Adidas, Asics and Mizuno, there isn’t much of its shoe marks on the roads in the local running scene and it’s quite puzzling why there is little presence of it in most of the shoe stores around.

During the early 90’s, there was a deluge of Reebok models for running and i admired the brand for its quality and durability. I owned some of their models back then and i would use them almost everyday, injury free until their out soles wore-off. And they really took a beating, logging to more than 700kms before i had to retire them.

I have noticed that their best selling models being advertised at Runner’s World or Running Times are not being sold in the local market and what i often see instead are their Trainers used for aerobics, the gym and mostly for basketball. Their running shoe models are sadly underrepresented and they seem quite content to remain within the confines of aerobics and basketball.

I really would like to see and try their “PREMIER” running shoe models like the Premier Verona KFS; Premier Fusion II, Road Plus KFS5, Phoenix, Trinity KFS 3 and others. Ever since Reebok was sold to sports giant ADIDAS last 2006, the former has remained stagnant locally and its current representation in the local market is comparatively meager.

Reebok Premier Ultra KFS

Ultra KFS 4

Premier Road Plus KFS

Premier Trinity KFS

Premier Verona KFS

I hope ADIDAS unlocks the shackles of this great shoe and let it ride in the current running bandwagon here in this country. I’m only too willing to give this shoe its deserved props as a testament to its fine quality.

And before i forget, what happened too with AVIA running shoes???