Along Came Betty

It’s quite rare for Betty to be running all by her lonesome as she rarely runs alone (she tags us friends, Tonette, Mel, me or the three of us together to run with her)—but her joining a half-marathon one Saturday morning in a far, foreign land, not knowing anybody at the race is just as unusual. Perfect epitome of a running addict!

Betty just ran the Guam Hafa Half-Marathon last March 6, 2010 with a time of 2:20, a PR for her! We couldn’t believe she beat our half marathon times the day after at The Unilab Wellness Run held here in Manila. She can be competitive when she runs her own pace, when she’s not concerned about leaving any of her friends behind in any race, no matter what.

Congrats, Betty! You did very well even if you would protest violently if we told you that the 21k route must have been a kilometer short and all downhill! Wow, next to Mel Severino who just successfully finished the recent BDM 102 Ultrarun, you now seem to be his next successor, the Wapakwoman!

Here are some pictures she took from her i-phone:

Posing before the race

Check-in time. The lady must have been amused seeing you with your whistle-bait figure!

After the race with hands full of freebies! Did you leave some for the others?

Tonight, the four of us will be celebrating our modest running achievements and we’ll be dining and wining at Betty’s place in Valle Verde. I don’t drink now as much as before but if she’ll uncork some wine or a nice brandy from her wine bar, then it will be a drink to the heavens!