Globe Run For Home ’10: A Smart Race

When the organizers of the Globe Run For Home ’10 first announced that the race would start and end at Ayala Triangle, the heart of the Central Business District in Makati, the worry was that it would only create chaos in controlling traffic within the very busy area, even on a Sunday. Emphatically not the case on the evidence of this well-routed race which seemed to be under control of the race organizers, directors and the Makati traffic police.

Credit should be given to those who planned the race route even if changes were made from what was initially announced.

I was really excited running the first kilometer of the race as it brought us to streets and alleys that were unfamiliar to many runners. What made it interesting was getting a rare glimpse of Makati’s periphery streets in the dark that got Paseo De Roxas, Dela Rosa and Gallardo Streets “invaded” by runners for the first time.

The narrow streets leading to an underground-like tunnel is unusual for a route and the underground driveways used for vehicles to pass under the Greenbelt shops, with maybe a thousand runners pounding on the cemented path is a bit surreal. Yet, the unfamiliarity and strangeness of it all seemed to excite us more.

Weather conditions were tolerable today, a little humid but abundant water stations all made up for it. I wasn’t feeling great entering the race as i had very minimum practice runs prior to this event but it surprised me that this morning’s run was easier than that of the Unilab Race two weeks ago.

The Sports Beans i brought with me worked wonders!. The moment i took some, the effect was immediate as it gave me a sudden energy boost. The only drawback to this is that your throat gets dry after these melts in your mouth and you would really like to take fluids to keep it moist.

The run was going great and upon reaching the last water station with one kilometer left, i was feeling the signs of cramps coming up my left calf muscle. It finally made its attack on both calves near the DBP Building with 200 meters to go and i had to stop and stretch both calf muscles!

I struggled to a slow jog and found some rhythm to run fast when i felt the cramps again just 50 meters before the finish line. Tough luck! I jogged the last 50 meters to finish the 21k at 2:32, some minutes slower than my Unilab Run time.

Many runners were complaining that the distance registed in their Garmins was 22.1k or more. Doesn’t really matter to me. Despite of it, i had a generally good run and hope to be back again next year.

Next Sunday, me and some friends will be having another adventure run at the King Of The Mountain Trail Run in Timberland Heights, San Mateo, Rizal. See you there!

June, before the race

Near the starting area

With Tonette, Marsha and Betty

Front: Doc T, Sam, Divine & Jet

The rest of the runners, Gail and Julie in front

With Journalist-Author and outdoorsman Cecil Morella

With Journalist-Author and Outdoorsman, Cecil Morella

Doc T, Noelle, Jet & Prince

With the SBC Red Runners, my alma mater (HS)

Betty, after crossing the finish line

Edu and Noelle

The bigger group

Wet and wild!

Marsha and Tonette with Ultrarunner, Mai

Runnex group with Rizza Mantaring (in blue)

After being dragged by the bouncers out of the finish line, we were able to pose, again!

31 responses to “Globe Run For Home ’10: A Smart Race

  1. Garmin GPS shouldn’t be trusted around the tall buildings. However when I mapped the route on Google Maps it still ended up being about 600 meters longer than 21K. It was a very challenging yet scenic route. Great to have seen you πŸ™‚

  2. Hi rene,

    Another feather on your cap. Congatulations! Bedista din ako. GS 80 HS 84. For San Beda our Country and God. See you!

      • We were in the other race….The GreenMiles. Hope to see you in VSO. God Bless!

      • Doc Lyndon– yes i know you were at the other race. Ganyan ka naman, eh! See you at VSO!:-)

  3. Sir Rene, I had the same concerns.. traffic and chaos! I too was impressed by the organized traffic route/advisory and intimated by the number of bulged-bouncers-booting-the bandits! Haha!

    Good luck on your San Mateo run, err I mean climb!

    • Hi Rachel! Nice to see you last Sunday. Hope to see you and Rod this week. There’s something for you waiting…:-)

  4. aba, bedista ka rin pala papi! sbc-cas 98 ako (97 dapat, osb ako eh hehehe)

    so pareho tayong bedista at atenista hehehe kaya pala malufet tayo sa chicks hahaha =)

    • Hi Jet, yup, seems like it pero class 70s pa ko grad dun nung HS. Not sure about the “malufet” sa chicks, though i’m sure marami nagmana syo from pag dating a chicks!:-)

  5. The distance is exact. Those who measured the course to be a kilometer longer must’ve gotten lost in the starting kilometers pre-Buendia.

    • Hi Wilson. Although many say otherwise, it was a good race over-all, and the runners, i think were well provided. This is what counts for me. See you next race.

  6. Sir Rene, I gather from na pareho pala tayong nabiktima ng bouncers. A lot of them were really rude and arrogant! Dapat sinapak ko na, and then takbo agad para PR hahaha! See you at Mizuno, sir. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Julius. I think they should have been assigned at other places–not at the end of the finish were runners would usually like to share stories after the race. See you soon, bro!:-)

  7. it was a good run indeed…oh and a hard one with those elevations.

    i agree with the bouncers – they were in places where they shouldn’t be. wish they were there at the intersection near essensa when a white pajero suddenly sped up from nowhere. good thing, all of us (about 5 runners) who were crossing that time had good foot brakes. The marshal wasn’t able to control them.

    • Wow, that was a close call, Tin! Good thing your reflexes were fast enough to avoid these potential hazards. Good to be alert always.

  8. Good recap Sir Rene! Heard about the bouncers too, hmmmm I wonder what they were thinking, it’s been getting a lot of bad feedback from the community. First time I ever heard of such a thing too.

    • Right Luis! And i’m not sure what they’re there for. For sure, no runners would create any trouble after a race! More of a props thing, i think.

  9. Was glad to see you at the 21k start line. Glad to see your pics here and that you had a great run overall. Sorry to hear about the bouncers though… which I think is just an overkill.

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