Of Presscons and Birthdays

I’ve been receiving invites to presscons and bloggers meets of upcoming races consistently for the past several weeks as schedules of races continue to file up our Sunday and even Saturday race calendar. Funny thing is, my e-mail inbox sometimes contain invitations to attend soft opening of business ventures, condominium launchings, launch of new products or restaurant openings and i wonder what my running blog has got to do with all these. 

Time permitting, i try to attend the launching of upcoming races as we bloggers usually get first hand information about these new races, blog about it and we often get complimentary race packets that comes with announcing these races. For race organizers, i must say that it’s one of the most ideal way of getting their races out in the running community as words spreads out very quickly when one reads a very interesting upcoming race in blogs or websites like the takbo.ph. 

So what goes on inside these press launches and bloggers meets? It’s nothing out of the ordinary, really. Most of the people you meet inside these affairs are the same set of bloggers you see regularly in races or previous launchings so it’s one big reunion of sorts. Once all the invited guests have arrived, food is immediately served, usually a buffet, before actual presentations start. When all had their fillings of food and drinks, the presentation formally begins and the race proponents or organizers are called to talk about the missions and visions of the race–what the race is all about. 

This is followed by the race directors’ presentation of all technical aspects and other pertinent details. A question and answer session ensues and when all issues are clarified, the meetings adjourns and more photo ops follow. Guests begin to leave with some  promotional gifts given by the race organizers (including the race packets) and every one goes home happy! 

The launching of the Greenfield Sundown race last week was a small gathering but a merry affair of regular bloggers. This reception was quite unique as the race organizers went out of their way to greet one blogger who happens to be celebrating her birthday the following day. They presented a small birthday cake to Vima Mendoza (kulitrunner) who was also expecting another baby due this month. Seems that this was a presscon cum birthday celebration!

Happy Birthday, Vimz! 

presentation of the Greenfield Sundown Race

All bloggers

Inside the Kebab Factory at the Fort

Divine, aka "The Running Diva" and Takbo.ph's First Lady, Queenie

With Vince Mendoza of Finishline, Head Organizer of the Greenfield Race

Birthday girl, Vimz Mendoza blowing her 24th (?) birthday cake as Jaymie and Jun looks on!

Greenfield singlet (Front)

A Greenfield Corp exec explaining the mechanicks of the race

Back of singlet