Trail Runs Of Taal Volcano (Part 2)

Taal volcano has been described as having an island in a lake on an island in a lake on an island in the Pacific Ocean. Go figure! The crater lake is said to be high in sulfur and is okay to swim on it but local people advised against staying too long in the water. When June took a dip in that crater lake for about 5 minutes, he noticed that his underwear turned into yellowish-brown which was probably the effect of the sulfur.

We encountered some vents around the crater lake like people were roasting food as the smoke came billowing upwards. The wind inside the crater was hot and was very humid that staying a few minutes under the sun would have you perspire a lot. Bringing a lot of water is advisable. I had about 3.5 liters of water stashed in my waist pouch, hydration belt and back pack and everything was consumed from the time we came down to the crater up to when we started to crawl back until we reached back Taal lake.

We had to stop several times during our ascent back to the crater as the surface trail was really slippery as we tried to catch our breaths. The view above the crater lake is mesmerizing and you can just feel the tranquil scenery with large egrets swooping up and down the canyons. This place is definitely for the adventurous at heart. 

This is the final part of our adventure:

At the crater's shorelines

View on the right side with some guys swimming

June and Reggie venturing further

Dried up plants as an effect of El Nino

At the other side of the shoreline

Even the dog wants to get its foot wet

Trying to run a loop around the crater

Inching our way up back the trails

Uphill trails

Its the dust, heat and incline that makes this trail difficult

A combination of sand and lava ash surface

June lures the boylets (guides) back to Taal lake:-)

I follow

Visible are the fish cages at Taal Lake

June in a hurry

Farewell, Taal Volcano! We'll be back again soon!