“Aren’t We Just Supposed To Walk These Trails?” (Part 1)

I like to discover and run in new trails whenever i get the chance to do so and write all about the experience in this blog, with hope they’ll generate future converts, and for my own kicks.

For me, there is nothing more serene than running in cool, shaded deserted trails, paying attention to nothing but the scenery and your footing. It’s a complement to road running and a good break to all the hard pounding your legs have been used to. The tall buildings that shade your runs in the city on late mornings are now replaced by tall trees that gives continuous shade and fresh air. The hard asphalt and cement now becomes a soft bed of fallen leaves, grass or tree branches and instead of seeing airplanes and choppers fly by, it’s just the birds and butterflies that coasts along from tree to tree.

When June and I invited regular road running partners, Betty, Tonette and Mel for a trail run in SJDM, Bulacan last Friday, we didn’t know that this was going to be their initial foray into trails. The five of us were out there not to run fast but just to give our newbie trail runners the “feel” in running on uneven, soft surface, have a good time and explore the scenery. We ran through macadam paths, dirt roads, long trail inclines and walked across stretches of dried cogon grass and climb rocks on a river bed.

At the start of our trail run, I was baffled why Betty was hesitant on running and she seemed to be surprised why we were running. She then asked seriously why we were running the trails. As I asked, why not, she went further by asking, “aren’t trails just used for walking?” I was bit surprised! Was she thinking of Little Red Riding Hood who was cautiously walking through the trails lest a wolf finds her? It took me a few seconds before I could answer and I assured her that we can run on the trails as there is such a sport called trail running! We just all smiled at each other.

We all had so much fun running together in a new environment, especially with Betty, Tonette and Mel who experienced their first trail run and I was pleased that all of them gained a new perspective and appreciation about running in the woods and forests. (To be continued).

Getting set. L-R, Tonette, Mel, Betty, June

Start of our trail run

A kilometer into the run

Farmer and his carabaos meet Tonette

Betty with her oversized hat and waist pouch

First time trail runners

Green mangoes for the picking

Short break before we continued

Long way to go

Always on the look-out for dogs that would chase us

Coming out in the open

Getting ready for the uphill

Going for it

Reduced to a walk

Like an album cover

A continuous climb

Looking back to where we came from

Resting at the top

Entering a Baranggay

Trudging a deserted road

Praying that they be allowed to enter the monastery

Long uphill road ahead

One hell of a climb!

Igorot dance?

June by his lonesome

Betty and Mel follow suit

Statue of the Blessed Ninang!

Entering the chapel

A view inside the chapel

Prayers for new PRs and more out-of-town runs, i suppose