Our Run To The Aquarry Trails (Part 2)

Last of two parts. From: (Part1/)

After that 8 kilometer stretch of mostly wide trails that started from the farm estate of the Araneta family clan taking us to the inner and obscure barangays comprising the town of San Jose Del Monte, the five of us decided to run the last 7 kilometer distance with a short stop-over at the Aquarry, a small riverbed oasis.

The single track trails to Aquarry was once shrouded with thick cogon grass on both sides as tall as we were. That was a year ago. Now, all those greeneries have vanished and what remains are black burnt grasses, a result of the intermittent wild grass fires that occur on various spots in the fields brought about by the El Nino heat.

Still, the scenery was amazing in itself, the provincial “country” feel was still evident, a vast sea of forest were in front of the horizon as water bufallos were feeding on what remained on the ground. The path leading to the Aquarry river was refreshingly panoramic as we threaded through rocks and grass that you really had to watch your steps.

The river now was mostly silent, as the water that caressed its banks had shrunk to trickles although there are still parts were the water was still moving gently. Though less than the grandeur that’s found in Daraitan (daraitan-part-1/ and ( daraitan-part-2/), the river rocks here are more accessible as you can hop over them to cross the river. It was getting hot as the sun was casting ash glow across the horizon as it raised slowly through the sky.

We had a company of picnic hikers sharing the river with us so we had to head back our way before the sun would take its toll on us. The last 3 kilometers were all downhill so we all increased our pace until we sprinted the last few hundred meters.

That said, i was hoping that the trail run didn’t put the first timers off. And i was pleased to hear that they all enjoyed the experience and would like to run on them again next time. We went out afterwards for a hearty breakfast at a McDonalds joint, had a couple cups of coffee and talked about where our next runs would be.

It was one adventurous morning!

Three wooden crosses at the courtyard

The two getting the hang of running in the trails

The road to Aquarry

Stretch pose?

On our way

A surprise awaits them

Finally, Aquarry River

The once rushing river, now reduced to a stream

In the middle of it all

A closer view

Taking time to rest

Mel guides Betty on where to step

Last pose before we left


14 responses to “Our Run To The Aquarry Trails (Part 2)

  1. too bad for the ‘once-a-rushing-river-turned-into-a-stream’. i bet it is not the only river that’s in that state. still, thank you for sharing sir! your posts on trails are always priceless.

    • Thanks, Carrey! I’ve seen so much deterioration on the state of our parks and forests but this el nino drought has truly devastated once pristine environment that it was. Sayang!

  2. Hi Sir Rene, Hmmm looks interesting. Pwede ba maki join one of these days? Will have to scout for a good pair of trail shoes.

    • Hi Ninoy! Sure, you can join. I’ll let you know once we schedule up a trail run with our group at takbo.ph.

  3. So beautiful! We just purchased land in Costa Rica.. your pics really remind me of there. We had some beautiful runs there, and can’t wait to get back. You are so fortunate….

    • Hi Tammy! I’ve heard of great places in Costa Rica from some American friends who were raving on the trails along Puerto Viejo River and volcano near San Jose. Your lucky to have bought a piece of paradise there!

      Enjoy your runs!:-)

    • Hi! Lampas lang ng konti sa La Mesa Dam Nature Reserve entrance. Its in Ciudad Real Subdivision. Along Quirino Hway, it’s past Petron then slow down after passing Iglesio Ni Cristo. Turn right on the right side going to Ciudad Real, instead of going straight to Quirino Hiway. Hth. Yes will advise you soon, when we go on another run there.

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