Earth Run 2010: The Spirits Of Heritage Park

A quote on running: “16k runners on the left, 21k runners on the right!”

The quote above was made by a race official as i was about to cross the finish line in yesterday’s Earth Run 2010, a limited-frills race that got us all to visit again the dead inside Heritage Park. The silent dwellers might have gotten used to us runners, running inside their turf on a weekly basis. Inside this serene park, i discovered one of Mel’s eccentricities.

Running buddy and BDMer Mel Severino who has an aversion of running inside memorial parks refuses to drink any water served inside the premises believing that it may have been contaminated by spirits of the departed ones as he believes that you will dragging the dead with you and will make you feel heavier for the rest of your run! And he was dead serious about this when he dissuaded Tonette, (with whom he was pacing with) from drinking inside the park even if Tonette was almost dehydrated! Now, this is one superstitious belief i’ve heard the first time from a runner!

But getting back to the race. The race itself was good, not great, but worthy enough with positive merits and the weather yesterday morning turned out to be near perfect, mostly cloudy and dry–the sun didn’t come out a bit and some cold breeze was in fact experienced inside Heritage Park!

I started out a little conservatively at the start as i paced with June Santiago but after the turn-around bend at Paseo de Roxas towards Kalayaan Bridge, i was able to increase my pace and run just below 7 minute pace. Though water from the station were far between and limited, i managed to get some from the friendly marshalls who were handing out the cups of water themselves. Strangely, when i thought that sports drinks would not be available for this race, some of these aides offered an unheard of energy drink, named something like “i-energy” which tasted like__ __ __ potion! One sip and i had to spit the thing out and throw the whole cup away. I would later fill the effects of this drink a kilometer away from the finish when i thought of heading straight to the comfort room than crossing the finish line! I was successful in keeping my mind off it until after i crossed the finish.

The 21k distance was pretty accurate as runners compared in their Garmins and showed a distance of 21k to 21.1k. My time was 2:21:26, a modest improvement from my previous 21k times. Almost all from my group, including Tonette, Jun and Dante also finished with personal bests!

Tonette’s time was the most dramatic as she slashed off 30 minutes from her previous 21k best time, clocking in at 2:30! Has Mel’s warning not to drink the spirit-laced water inside Heritage Park lest she would run slower, rubbed on her or was this just plain co-incidence?  As silly as it seems, Mel’s imagined superstitious belief has now played in the mind of Tonette, the entertainment value has been so real that Mel’s now having a hard laugh!:-)


8 responses to “Earth Run 2010: The Spirits Of Heritage Park

  1. such a weird superstition. 😛 anyway, to each his own. 🙂

    the reliv drink was okay according to my tummy. 🙂 i wouldn’t blame others as it’s risky to try a new drink, especially in a race.

    • Hi Bry, the drink didn’t sit well with me and thankfully it wasn’t much of a problem until immediately after the race. Yah, weird superstition.:-)

  2. …sir rene, the name of the drink is “inner gize”, hehe…first time to hear it too but just to share my experience naman-i vomited inside heritage park (which is really weird)..:-)

    • Wow, didn’t know that Darryl! Inspite of it, you did a 1:52 which is amazing!:-) Congrats, pre!

  3. Hi Rene nice running with the group last sunday, now I know where to invite Mel in our next lsd’s ha ha..

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