Sports Science Initiatives (SSI): A Review

Last Friday, i had the opportunity in attending the 2010 Sports Science Initiative (SSI), a two-day seminar series on Sports Nutrition, Sports Injury Management, strength and Conditioning, Sports Psychology and Perspective in Sports Science held at the Medicine Hall of the University of Sto. Tomas.  

Our group, (Runnex) had paid for eight slots for its members but only four of us were able to attend. I’ve had just the vaguest idea about sports science but this seminar has opened many doors of knowledge for me, particularly on how to achieve peak performance, what food to eat, what to drink, recovering techniques from exercise, food choices, dynamic vs. static stretching and a deep-well of information on the causes, prevention and treatment of sports injuries.  

The speakers are a veritable who’s who in the field of sports like  well-known Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Jose Raul Canlas, Medical Director of the Moro Lorenzo Sports Complex who had the audience wince in shock and amazement every time he showed videos of athletes in action when they tumbled down, breaking their limbs in pain and agony! Some of the videos were so bizarre that one showed a basketball player had part of his bone pop-out from out of his leg after a very bad fall! However, there were more to his lectures than these gruesome occurrences and his treatments and knowledge are as up to date with the world’s best practitioners.  

The participants at the SSI Seminar

Most who attended were Sports Coaches, Athletes, Fitness Coaches, Athletic Trainers, Conditioning Coaches, PE Teachers, Physical Therapists, etc.

Another stellar authority who spoke is Hercules Callanta,  currently the Dean of the College of Human Kinetics , University of the Philippines – Diliman. He is a certified strength and conditioning specialist by the NSCA. He has over two decades of sports performance and strength and conditioning experience in handling different clientelle. He talked about a sound strength and conditioning program which included Assessment and Needs Analysis, Periodization on which he tackled Power Training, Speed Training, Peaking and Recovery.  

Other notable speakers who were present to share their views were Josephine Joy Reyes, who talked about the UST experience in nurturing their Sports Science programs, Dr. Julian Montano on Sports Psychology and Mr. Nino Cinco on Sports Nutrition.  

It was an eye-opener for first time attendees like me and it was just great listening to the lectures of up-to-date scientific reviews and the science of training. Great too was the talk of Nino Cinco, a former marathoner, ultramarathoner and triathlete who gave runners and triathletes his experience in conditioning and nutrition.  

There will be another SSI Seminar to be held on May 28-29 at the University of San Carlos in Cebu. Athletes and coaches should not miss this opportunity.  

Participants on the first day having a photo ops. On my right is Dr. Jose Raul Canlas

From left: Rudy Fernandez (Runnex Chair), Dr. Jose Raul Canlas, Hercules Callanta, Myself, Technogym Officer and Nino Cinco

4 responses to “Sports Science Initiatives (SSI): A Review

    • OJ! I think she is the Marketing Mgr of the firm. Ikaw talaga, promo girl lagi hinahanap:-))!

  1. Hi Sir,

    I am a frequent visitor to your blog. Keep up the good work Sir its a great help for a beginner like me.

    Sir you mentioned that there will be an SSI also here in Cebu on May 28-29. Can you provide the details for this? Like how much is the registration, time?

    Thank you and God Bless!

    • Hi Ryan–Below are the details. Please text or call Saul for the fees.

      Thanks for dropping by.

      SI would like to invite you to the 2010 Sports Science Initiatives Seminar Series – Metro Cebu. It would be a two day seminar from 8:00AM to 5:00PM on May 28 and 29, 2010. This will be held in the University of San Carlos (Main), Cebu City. Limited slots for the Metro Cebu Seminar.

      Attached is our registration form. We would be glad to further discuss this with you. Please feel free to send us an e-mail at or contact me for any concerns or questions:

      Seminar Coordinator
      Sports Science Initiatives Seminar Series
      Cell Phone: (0922) 844-0202
      Mobile Landline: (02) 494-0952

      Thank you very much and we look forward to hearing from you.

      Saul Anthony I. Sibayan
      2010 SSI Seminar Coordinator

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