In Focus: Runnex Executive Classic

The Runnex 10k Executive Classic Race has weathered the many high quality races that had mushroomed every weekend. For one, it’s not a mega race that everyone could enter to nor is it one which is endorsed by celebrities or organized with high tech gizmos.

Yet, one thing has remained constant: It has still retained its exclusivity by serving the Professionals and Business Executive runners have their own race and it has been anticipated by its long-time followers. When last year’s race was canceled to give way for the preparation and staging of the first QCIM, a lot were quite disappointed as they had the race earmarked already in their racing calendars. When Runnex decided to hold it this year, plans of  staging was going to be low key, as registration was initially planned to be by “invitation” only.

However, when word spread out that the run was going to push through, a lot of requests were received from former participants to make this an open registration race, Runnex decided to open the registration barely a week before the race.

Its re-entry into the local racing calendar was welcomed by many as the race was also used as an opportunity for the Runnex Discover Running Clinic participants to use as a graduation run and finish a 10k ( story here ) .

Last May 23’s race had a new course inside the UP Campus that traversed past the Observatory and reached the newly paved rotunda that has become a new route for the running habitues of U.P.

This race will continue to be a simple event and it will remain a special one for those qualified to run the race. Perhaps it’s special because of its location, new route and the community spirit every runner feels when they join there. Maybe it’s the competition between middle of the pack runners, the awards and perhaps the great gathering after the race that entices many to come back.

Whatever the reasons, this race is here to stay and will continue to serve its purpose for the running community!

Here are some highlights of the race:

The start


8 responses to “In Focus: Runnex Executive Classic

  1. Oh, I miss running at UP. Hope there would be many running events to be held there 🙂

    Sir Rene, I mess it up! My chip time has 1:15:27 😦 I still have 3 months more… *sigh*

    • Madz, actually i was looking for your name in the 10k results but couldn’t find it so i thought you levelled up to 21k already! Three months is plenty of time for a 1:05. Good luck on your training and don’t forget that enjoyment comes first than anything else.:-)

    • BOT–thanks for your support and we’ll be expecting you again later this year. See you at the races!:-)

    • Doc Jun, congrats to you and Dra. Ruby Rose for a good run! Btw, i have the medal of your friend who wasn’t able to get it. Just advise how i can forward this to you. Thanks!

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