Photo Of The Week: Pain Is Temporary…

Mind over body. It’s faith in yourself, keeping mentally tough and the dedication you’ve invested to reach this far will pull you to the finish line.

Thanks to Teri Serrano for sending this photo.

(If you have other interesting/unusual running photos you would like featured, you can e-mail them to the jazzrunner at and leave a comment with the details.)



14 responses to “Photo Of The Week: Pain Is Temporary…

    • Hi Bridget! I think this was taken at the Miwolk 100k ultra run in California.

      Thanks for dropping by!:-)

  1. Hi jazzrunner, hopped over from MinnieRunner’s blog. 🙂

    That’s a really cool photo and an apt reminder for me too since I’m still suffering from pestering shin splints.

    Totally agree with the mind over body. I’ll just keep running. 😉

  2. Hi Rene! I subscribe to this most of the time, but when my arthritis acts up it is a different story. I just continue running pain or no pain and like Let, have not posted a DNF, knock on wood.

    • Bong–Haha.. same problem here. Good thing the arthritis acts up only when getting out of bed and completely disappears when i start out to run.

      Take care, bro!:-)

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