Gallowalking The Trails With Team Boring

Well, i suppose you could call this run a “fun run” or a “trail fun run” that had us laughing for most of the 15k route. It was planned to be a send-off run for our dear Julie (hotlegsrunner) who is migrating to the land of milk and honey in a few days time. It was also to be her first trail run and we were celebrating this occasion.

Doc T, Rod (rod-runner), Jet (jetpaiso) , Mar (forefoot) and Vic who call themselves “Team Boring” (they all got bored during their trip to Bataan to run the BDM Ultra 102k, thus the monicker) were also on hand, as well as Tere (elcapitana) and Aaron of  Last Saturday, we made the short drive from Jolibee Philcoa to the Green Hills Estate and from there walked and jogged towards the trail’s entrance which was 2 kilometers from the outpost.

The estate, once sequestered by the former Marcos regime and now back with the Araneta’s was an undiscovered gem until me and running friend, June Santiago decided to explore the trails a year ago. I had to recommend this trail to Julie and the group because of its proximity to Metro Manila and it’s an easy-moderate trail. I made sure that the group would enjoy the route at a leisurely pace so they could take in its beauty without much huffing and puffing associated with a trail race. So all of us “Gallowalked” (run and walk) the trails.

We ran the route passing several rows of Ipil-Ipil and Mango trees and the aromatic Cadena De Amor plant. The trail also boasts a large naturally occurring strand of wild orchids and other exotic plants. Other than the fauna, we also encountered the usual grazing cows that seemed to like the presence of Julie who was feeding them with grass.

It was a perfect time to run on these trails–just before the onset of La Nina. Although it rained slightly the night before, the trails were in perfect shape except for a couple of short muddy stretches.

It was an enjoyable adventure, Gallowalking and all, capped off with a sumptuous lunch of grilled chicken and roasted pork spare ribs at Kenny Rogers.

Bon Voyage, Julie!:-)

Breakfast at Jolibee, Philcoa before our run

At the entrance gate of the trail while waiting for the others

L-R, Doc T, Mar, me, Aaron, Vic

With the whole group: Mar, Jet, Vic, Me, Rod, Tere, Aaron, Julie, Doc T

Mar gearing up as he leads the start of the trail run

Julie, taking her first running steps on a trail

No swerving, please:-)

Bored of running!

Taking it easy

Ultra T!

Julie completing her first 2k! 13k to go, Jules!

How could he extend his arms so straight?

Vic in one of his sexy post!

Showering him with love!

Stretching on one another!

Taking aim of the uphill ahead

Almost there, Julie!

Julie feeding her pets!

One of my favorite pics

One more obstacle lie ahead

El Capitana pushing the pace

Journey to the meadows

Nice place to take it easy

Rod on a hunt for pests and snakes?

Mar and Aaron atop the boulders

Another river crossing

Tere enjoying the scenery

Nice pose, Hotlegs Runner!

We'll try to run the trail at the right side which we haven't done yet and see where it'll take us.

Post run brunch at Kenny Rogers


15 responses to “Gallowalking The Trails With Team Boring

    • I do, Tammy–all kinds of them-the serious, wacky, incredulous! makes life a little worth living!:-)

  1. Sir Rene,

    WHERE is this trail exactly located? Is it open to the public? Safety considerations, considering apparent isolation of the place ?….My runner friends would definitely want to do this trail as a break from work and a break from our usual UP long runs…So doable due to its proximity to MMla (as you said). I assume it was done in 2 to 3 hours…

    I hope you can send details in case it is possible for others to use the trail…Thanks!…or perhaps Runnex could organize this trail run (if Nuvali trail is not possible) as one of its endurance run activities for Discover Distance series?….

    dette dv

    • Dette–the trail is approximately 5-10 minutes away from SM Fairview. I’ll offer this to Danny so we can hold one session here. If he’ll approve, we’ll organize to meet and pool our cars so i can bring you there.

  2. Hi , I am fairly new to Makati and love to run as when i lived in Puerto Rico I went trail running.. sometimes daily. Could I come trail running with your group sometime? It looks really amazing and I dont know how to get to any trails around here.



    • Sure, Paul. Will advise you once a trail run is organized. There are a lot of weekend road races you can join in the meantime around The Fort. Hope to see you soon.:-)

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