Believe It Or Not

The other night in our back yard, i was piling up old carton boxes containing discarded garments, old books, documents and other papers to protect them from the rains that is now a nightly occurence here in Manila. While sifting through the contents of one box which was already wet at the bottom, i found a very old clipping of an article on running which i had inadvertently forgotten about.

The 1994 article, written by runner-author J. Henderson dealt with the many facets of the sport–the truisms of running that we live and breathe within our world of running.

Here are some facts and truths that reveal themselves to anyone who has run long enough. I’ve adjusted some of the ideas to conform to our local setting:

—  The hardest step of any run is the first one out the door.

...grrrr, can we run now?

—  You may already know how a run will go during the first few steps of your run.

—  The real running begins after a half-hour warmup, and the run starts to seem like a second job after an hour.

—  Runners round off times down and round distances up.

—  If you aren’t scared before a race, you should worry that you aren’t ready.

"Who says i'm scared?"

—  You never make up running downhill what you lose going uphill; same with tailwinds and headwinds.

—  Even if you believe in Gallowalking (walking breaks) you’re embarrassed to be seen taking them.

Makapal 'tong mga to!

—  You can’t run past a store window without sneaking a peek at yourself.

—  A “jogger” is someone who runs slower than you do.

I'm not a jogger, noh!

—  Fitness is a stage you pass through on the way to becoming a “real runner,” who no longer settles for merely staying fit.

—  Drivers don’t see runners smile because we’re too busy concentrating on not getting run over.

Hahaha, you just ran over my foot, hahaha!

—  Your “perfect shoe” will go off the market before you can buy another of the same pair.

—  Sports drinks and energy gels taste good only when you need them most.

—  Most running injuries aren’t accidental, but self-inflicted.

—  Most injuries will respond to the treatment you least want to use: time off from running.

—  Racing a distance longer than the marathon on a hard surface at a fast pace is an unnatural act, but that never stopped anyone from doing it.

100 Mile Ultra. Let's do it!

—  Time doesn’t pass at a constant rate; the harder the run, the longer a minute lasts.

—  In mega races, you’ll never find a portalet without a line in front of it; in small races, you’ll never find any line because there are no portalets.


—  No matter how fast you run your race, someone somewhere will always be faster.

—  No matter how slow you go in this race, someone will almost always be slower; it’s nearly impossible to finish last no matter how hard you try.

—  “Official” times are rarely accurate, which is why you start your own watch when you cross the starting line.

—  Racers don’t feel worst at the end, but during 2/3 of the race, when start and finish both seem so far away.

Are we there yet?

—  Late in the race, it’s more fun to pass than to be passed–another reason to start slowly.

—  Your fastest races feel the easiest, because you trained for and paced them best.

—  Most award ceremonies last longer than the race they’re celebrating.

—  You aren’t ready to run another race until you forget how bad the last one felt.

—  If your mother says you look great, it means you’re overweight.


—  The older you get, the farther you once ran and the faster you once were.

—  If you’d known when you were younger what you know now, you would have made different mistakes.

—  The quality of local races remains the same; the only change it has made is increase its entry fees.

Believe It Or Not!

4 responses to “Believe It Or Not

  1. Sakto lahat hahaha! My favorite: “You can’t run past a store window without sneaking a peek at yourself.” Guilty, your honor! Nice one, sir!

  2. Hahaha, Sir Rene, some of these made me laugh. It’s a fun fact to know about running. And about the injuries being self-inflicted and not accident, yeah that’s true! I’m suffering now from plantar fasciitis after doing my two consecutive half-mary just following the 42k 6 days after 😦

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