My Training For Camsur Marathon Begins

This week marks the start of my training for the CAMSUR International Marathon ( here)  on September 26, 2010. Last Sunday, Betty and i cut loose from our original group of 5 and persevered until we finished 32k in about 5 hours. As usual, the run started at the Shell Station, corner C-5 Road and Julia Vargas Avenue and proceeded to The Fort, at McKinley Hills where we were running side by side with the participants of the Lactacyd Womens Relay Run.

With regular training partners, Dante, Betty & Mel at our regular meeting place at the Shell Station, C-5

I’ve been on a long, consistent drab of just doing short runs and races. I felt i needed to do some endurance runs so the Camsur Marathon would be just the opportunity to get out of this rut, gert some long runs going and train for another 42k. However, i didn’t expect last Sunday’s run to be that long but i was really hungry for it and i felt just fine hanging on with the group. Tonette, Mel and Chito had to limit their runs to 25k as they were already tapering for this Sunday’s Milo Marathon eliminations. I didn’t register for Milo but will probably be there for another LSD run and try to pace another running buddy, Darryl on the last 10k of his marathon run.

Stopping at Freedom Park, EDSA with Betty, Mel, Dante and Chito

After Sunday’s 32k, Monday was a relaxed recovery run of 4k around the UP Campus to loosen up the still tight muscles. Tuesday was cross-training day and had a 50 minute aerobic-TAEBO workout.

Yesterday morning (Wednesday) i had this crazy idea of running from UP to Rizal Park (Luneta) and take a glimpse of President Noy Aquino’s inauguration at the Quirino grandstand then run back again to UP. But then, i thought it would be impractical doing that with hundreds of vehicles stalled in traffic and inhaling all those fumes while everything was on a standstill. Instead, i just opted to run near home, the Ateneo Campus, Katipunan Road, UP (again) then out in Quezon Memorial Circle and Quezon Avenue towards West Avenue. It’s a measured route i usually follow when i want to run 21k. So 21k it was and ran it under 3 hours.

This morning, i just finished a 9k recovery run at 7:30 pace and afterwards, headed to Batangas for some work to do. That’s it for today’s post. Later tonight, i’ll just chill out and read the rest of the March issue of Runner’s World and munch on some Marty’s Cracklin Vegetable chips while reading.


Breakfast in a resto at Tiendesitas

15 responses to “My Training For Camsur Marathon Begins

  1. I’ll also be running the CamSur full marathon. I don’t think there will be too many runners, so I’m sure I’ll see you there. Good luck sa training, sir!

  2. Aha! So that’s the reason why I saw you at the Lactacyd run 🙂
    Sir Rene, you never fail to amuse me… just with the idea of running from UP towards Rizal Park is still unthinkable for me (because I don’t know the route too, hehehe). I hope I could join you on your LSD some time.

    Good luck Sir on your CamSur Mary, I might just be running my 2nd full-mary, or another 21k on 10.10.10.

    • Alfred–didn’t know that you manage a womens team already! Good luck on your team. The Pasig run on Oct 10 seems to be an inviting one. Will think on running this race. See you soon!:-)

    • Darryl– all the best this coming Sunday! Hope to see you at the last stages of the race!:-)

    • Hi Mariel–Thanks! It’s a nice start which i hope i’ll be able to sustain untill D-day. Hope to see you and Jun there, too!:-)

  3. Would like to know if you guys already booked flights and all as I am also looking for someone to share the room I am getting for the Camsur Marathon?

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