Bewitched, Smitten and Bewildered!

I could name some of the most beautiful female tennis players that ever played in the last decade and those would include Maria Sharapova, Ana Kournikova, Ana Ivanovic, Mary Pierce and Maria Kirilenko, among many others. While they’re amongst some of the fiercest and competitive players around, not only do they possess beauty but also provide glamour to the sport and have attracted hordes of fans.

In the world of running however, very few, if ever has caught our imagination… maybe because of our perception that running is more of a masculine sport, less glamorous than tennis or running and beauty don’t mix? I disagree! Our local Runrio races will disprove this notion as the beautiful and glamorous (as Imelda would term it) have always been a fixture to these races.

I just discovered one such beauty recently and her name is KARA GOUCHER, one of America’s elite middle and long distance runners. Kara made her marathon debut at the New York City Marathon on November 2, 2008.  She finished in third place in a time of 2:25:53 becoming the first American on the podium since Anne Marie Lauck was third in 1994. She also placed third in the 2009 Boston Marathon in a time of 2:32:25. Coached by former marathon stand-out Alberto Salazar, she’s a 2008 Olympian in the 5,000m and 10,000m and holder of the American Women’s debut record in the marathon.
Her Personal Records include:

1,500m: 4:05.14 (2006)
1 Mile: 4:36.03 (2008)
3,000m: 8:34.99 (2007)
2 Miles: 9:41.32 (2007)
5,000m: 14:55.02 (2007)
10,000m: 30:55.16 (2008)
Marathon: 2:25:53 (2008) **fastest debut ever by an American woman.

She may not be as stunning as Sharapova or a Kournikova but she has this gentle charm, cheery disposition, a flair of elegance and a running physique to die for. A darling who attracts fans and crowds in the races she competes in, she’s a shoo-in for “crush ng bayan!”


Cover on March 2010 issue of Runners World


This is one lucky dude!

(Photos taken from her Facebook a/c)


17 responses to “Bewitched, Smitten and Bewildered!

  1. There are quite a few track & field stunners out there, Jazzrunner.

    I have a regular feature in my blog, the Track Beauty of the Week. You might want to check it out. Most of the athletes are sprinters, hurdlers and jumpers though. I’ll feature someone from the longer distances in the near future.

    And yes, Kara Goucher is pretty! Google Anna Alminova too (too bad she’s a doper).

    • H49–Wow, those are all stunners! The Thailander and Lolo (nice name) are lookers! They all can grace the covers of fhm and you wouldn’t know that they’re elite athletes…:-) Great!

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