New MOA Route

Just the three of us this morning–Betty, Tonette and myself. We hied off to the Mall of Asia and arrived there at about 5:15am. With us was a photocopy of the Rexona 21k race course and our plan was to run the whole route as an LSD run. It was Betty and Tonette’s first time to run at the MOA-Macapagal Avenue grounds while i had sampled the place during the Del Monte Fit and Run 10k race late last year. I just love bringing them to places they haven’t ran yet!:-)

21k Rexona Route

Immediately, we fell at ease with the course. It was all flat, conducive to setting out a 21k PR if you like. The first 10.5k passed through several landmarks as we started nice and easy from Seaside Blvd, facing Manila Bay towards Macapagal Blvd then we turned left going to the old Film Center tomb(?), Hotel Sofitel, the Coconut Palace and out to Roxas Blvd in front of the Cultural Center of the Philippines then back again to the CCP grounds.

At the CCP

No, that incline is not part of the course

The last half of the route took us back to Macapagal Ave. as we ran the whole stretch southbound past NAIA Road, Uniwide Bldg until we reached the dead-end as we turned right to Pacifica Ave. After the turn-around point near the Manila Bay breakwater, we entered the Mandara Seaside Homes Subdivision where runners could peak at the still waters of the Bay. Towards the end, we all sprinted back to Seaside Blvd with the Sunday promenaders now crowding the baywalk.

Along Macapagal Ave.

Along Pacific Avenue

I saw a trail towards the breakwater and i couldn't resist, so i ran it!

Nearing the elevated guard house

Betty follows suit

At the breakwater

Tonette's moment of victory!

After the turn-around bend, we entered into this subdivision and will give us a short peek of the seafront homes

After the run at the MOA

Betty (L) hits the wall (concrete), literally!

We walked for about a few minutes to cool down and when we slumped into our seats in the car, exhaustion began to set-in and i was feeling sore all over. I’m still limping a bit now.

The distance recorded by Betty’s Garmin was 21.14 and that was a good run to do the distance in 2:29 (running time).


8 responses to “New MOA Route

  1. Rene, we also ran the route last Saturday but we were not allowed to enter Pacific Ave by a security guard who said we should first secure a permit to enter. Tough luck!

    • Ha! We encountered the same problem at first as a boorish guard stopped us on our tracks and said that the Taiwanese developer would not allow anyone to enter. Betty then went ballistic and unleashed an ear-piercing tongue-lashing at the guard that we weren’t going to be 2nd class citizens in our own country and kowtow to a foreigner, blah-blah-blah.:-) To stop her from further humiliating the poor guard, his superiors, who were all witness to Betty’s rant finally relented and let us in! Haha..

  2. Hi Rene
    Again thanks for bringing us to MOA ….we enjoyed it.. especially when we finally entered the Marina and Mandala area… ( thanks to Betty… may dugong katipunera ! hahaha) Sarap ! Hope we can run there again !
    See you on our next LSD !!!

    • Tonette–Correct! Dugong Katipunera! Kalahi ata ni Bonifacio ito, panay sugod, panay naman ang dapa!:-)

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