Alternating Shoes

If it were not for the prohibitive cost, we runners would have around five, six or even more pairs of running shoes in our shoe racks which we would use alternately on our daily runs. Depending on one’s status in life, those who can afford to buy do so, more than what is really necessary–like buying several pop CDs on the market.

However, there are due advantages in having more than one running shoe and i believe that low to moderate mileage runners should have at least two or more shoes to wear on alternate days.

The benefits of rotating the use of two or more running shoes are manifold:

  • to avoid dependence of a particular shoe on a certain amount of support, cushioning and ride that when this model is phased-out, you could easily adjust to other brands and models, as well.
  • it lessens the wear-down of your shoe by maintaining its cushioning and support thereby, helping prevent injury.
  • a better ride and specific use for a particular training plan like when i do tempo runs or track intervals, i use light training or racing shoes than i would when using my heavier stability/cushion shoe for LSDs and trail shoes for off-road running.
  • give them time to dry-out after running in the rain thereby facilitating the decompression of the midsole foam to its original form.

Most importantly, i always alternate them to prolong their life, minimize the wear on the outsole which makes them last longer and run those extra miles more. I have some shoes which are more than a year old that have not even breached 400 kilometers and continue to use them without any “major-major” injury.:-)

One should discard the shoe depending on how often and how far you run.  If you can feel some brittleness in the cushion, sponginess of the support system, when the white part of the outsole is already showing and have logged more than 700 kilometers on it, it’s time to reward yourself with a new one!


10 responses to “Alternating Shoes

  1. You just get into the groove by using the most sought expression sprang yesterday, the “major, major” of Ms. Venus Raj. Nice Saucony pair particularly the blue one. It’s the brand am waiting for to launch here.

    • Dhentz/Hector– the more you save, the more you spend! Tis the life of a long distance runner!

  2. wow, the nb 1063 and mizuno precision 9, my all time faves…. sir rene, how about major, major kill in our budget ? 🙂

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