Photo Of The Week: Smiling Carly


Despite dehydration and all, Carly still manages to smile at the last 250 meters of the recent 34th Milo Marathon and looks like she would be able to tackle another 50k distance. She finished the race in 4:26. She’s made up of steel, guts and an unparalleled tenacity for hard work to achieve her best.

 Smile on Carly, we believe!:-)

10 responses to “Photo Of The Week: Smiling Carly

  1. nice post boss rene… maybe carly should drop the killer smile pag malapit na sa finish line. bawal ata ngayon ngumiti pag malayong distance ang tatakbuhin. =D

  2. nice sir Rene! she works hard and trains hard in every races… and syempre effortless na sa kanya lahat pagdating sa finish line 🙂

    we are all here for you Carly!

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