Post Marathon Blues

Finally, i was able to complete a solid 5km run this morning after a week of lethargy. Compounded by continous runs immediately after my Camsur Marathon, giving no rest a chance, this craziness was finally brought to a stop after a binge of marathon drinking last Sunday to celebrate with my running buddies our respective accomplishments, sharing it with ultra runner Mel Severino who also finished the PAU P2P 50k Ultrarun. The effect: Over fatigued and severe dehydration.

After 5 days of no running, i felt exhillarated just to be able to resume that short and easy 5k run.

With the Camsur Marathon behind me, i felt bound to reflect and regret the post-effects this race has brought to me: Making the mistake of running the same pace and intensity i did during my pre-Camsur preparations when the simplest and most sensible thing to do was to take it easy and rest it out. I just wanted to reassure myself that i’ve recovered and must run continually to maintain my level of fitness for next December’s QCIM, which is 8 weeks from now. Big mistake! I should have listened to friends who advised: “Back off!”

That said, all notions of speed work; intervals, tempo runs are now in the back seat. Hello jogging again!

I’m finally retiring my old, tested and my feet’s best friend, the Saucony Progrid Ride from racing which had served me well over the last 21 months. It has been my racing shoe for most of my races, from the 5k to the marathon.

I’ve re-computed its mileage and didn’t realize that it has logged a total of 880 kms already. I felt its cushioning has waned during the Camsur Marathon, the thread of the outsoles has worned-out and i think it has already exceeded its racing life.

It would now be relegated to my walking jaunts and maybe on very short jogs, as well.

I’ll be re-joining my running buddies this Sunday for a moderate to long run but i doubt i’ll be able to handle any long distance yet. So, i’m backing off a little.


See you on the roads!

10 responses to “Post Marathon Blues

  1. I think it’s normal to experience a slump after a marathon, right sir rene? that’s what I’m scared of. after my first, I might get lazy and compalcent. oh i hope not!

    thanks you for your kind words today. I will surely make you guys proud of me! =)

    • Thanks, Julie. Runners just tend to be bull-headed and don’t take it easy which is part of the over-all recovery process. I’m sure you’ll do good on your first marathon. Good luck to you!:-)

  2. sir rene u can trade that old pair of Sauconys for P500-1000 off on your next Adidas shoe. May promo ata sila for Oct lang. 🙂

    welcome back to running! 🙂

  3. Sir Rene, you have really logged how many kilometers your shoes have run? That’s interesting, I never do that for my running shoes.

    See you on the road 😀

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