A ‘Gallowalking’ Sunday

If there was ever a true believer and practitioner of the Jeff Galloway “Walk-Breaks” training method, that would be no other than Carina (Flying Boar), marathoner/ultra-runner and a batch-mate of mine during the first genesis of the Takbo.ph group. Her run to walk ratio of 5mins run, 1 minute walk have earned her her horde of followers, beginners and veterans alike who have experienced the value of the training method.

The Gallowalking group meet up last Sunday, with Carina in blue singlet

So last Sunday’s run was my first official long run after Camsur as we did this group “Gallowalk” run. There were about a dozen of us who congregated near ROX as we started a warm-up run around the BHS at exactly 5:30am while we waited for the others.

Carina seems to have set this all on tap, her sports watch making a beeping sound after every 5 minutes and claps her hands twice to indicate the start of the walk, then claps again after the 1 minute walk have lapsed, signalling that we have to start the run again. This routine came like clockwork during the duration of our run, never missing a beat although it took us longer to rest every time we stopped at a convenience store.

We started off nice and easy on the still carless enclave of the Fort, all of us together until the 13th kilometer mark when some of the faster runners pushed a little ahead entering McKinley Hills but the rest of us stayed close behind. Generally, it was a very nice pace which varied from a 6:30/km to a moderate 7:30/km run, neither pushing terribly hard during the running pace and the recovery walk gave us some chance to ease up and refresh ourselves with our water and sports drinks.

Walking break along Lawton Avenue

On our way back from the boundary of SLEX toll way in Sucat. Carina leading the group

Early stages of the run when the sun was not visible yet

The group seemed to have thinned out on our way to Essensa when the heat just became unbearable, the 1 minute walk-rest became double as some of us seemed to wither. At 15Km, i began to struggle and felt out of synch from the rest of those who were ahead. Other runners at the back were also feeling the heat and had to walk for their own good. I never really felt any sort of energy anymore so i purposely slowed down until reaching Market-Market.

I told Carina i was going to end the run here. That said, it was just pointless for me to keep on going but at least, i put in time and some distance in my come-back LSD run. I ran a total of 18 kilometers. So Carina and the others went ahead to finish their scheduled 26k run.

At the Piazza, McKinley Hills

At this juncture, we had to take a longer break because of the scorching heat

Taking a break at the 7-11 at McKinley Hills

We had done about 16k at this time and we had to proceed to sun-baked Fort area

This week will mostly be easy runs but i’m going to push the pace again on Wednesday to see how everything goes. Hopefully, i would have regained some momentum in my training and get back to my pre-marathon fitness.


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