Grazilda’s Cinderella at the CIHM

The Race of Rock-stars

What do the Afroman, Cinderella, and the country’s top social entrepreneur have in common? December 19 holds the answer. On that date, the three notable personalities from equally exciting yet distinct fields will head to one destination: Corregidor. And they will not just do a tour of the island, but will do more than that. They, together with close to 400 gritty and elite running aficionados, will rock the island and run in the inaugural Corregidor International Half-Marathon (CIHM).

Top race organizer and running coach par-excellance Rio dela Cruz, also known as the Afroman of the Philippine running community, has confirmed his participation in the CIHM, billed the last major race of the year. Rio, fresh from his blistering finish at the New York Marathon, is eyeing the top spot in the CIHM to become its first ever champion.


Gwen Zamorra, GMA Talent Center’s newest and fast-rising sweetheart, who’s endearing a throng of fans with her role as Cinderella in the top-rating telefantasia Grazilda, will see action in CIHM. Unknown to many, Gwen has been into running for almost two years to date, with a 15k and a half-marathon under her belt already. But in CIHM, she is out to prove that she is not a frail damsel in distress. On the contrary, she may just unwittingly cause distress to male participants whom she might outrun in the race.


Then, there’s the country’s prime social entrepreneur Illac Diaz who is deadset to bring one of his advocacies to the running community and at the same time prove that his mountaineering stamina is no fluke. Illac is excited to be part of CIHM as he sees the race’s design akin to his ecological advocacy and a perfect venue to measure his remarkable fitness level.

With the participation of these three interesting personalities, the anticipation for the first Corregidor International Half-Marathon is fast approaching its fever-pitch climax. Close to 400 runners, and still counting, are rushing to register for this historic footrace on the hallowed grounds of Corregidor, known as The Rock. The composition of participants is nothing but out of the ordinary. From age to professional background the race looks remarkable. The youngest participant is 18 while the oldest, so far, is 67 years old. The professions of registered participants paint an interesting picture. Participants vary from lawyers, physicians, dentists, IT specialists, human resource practitioners, engineers, and even band artists.

Likewise, a huge number of runner bloggers will see action in the race, with no less than Jinoe Gavan, the top honcho and moderator of the country’s biggest running forum and blogsite will make his mark on the race course of CIHM. Surprisingly, the number of female contenders almost approximates the number of their male counterparts. Definitely, it will be interesting to find out how the gender war will be played out in the race.

And to further escalate the excitement of CIHM, Session Road, one of the country’s sought after bands, will rock it out for the Victory Party of CIHM, in the evening of December 19 at the island. During the party itself, exciting prizes will be raffled off for participants. Lucky participants stand the chance to run away with a gift certificate for a 2-night & 3-day stay at Two Seasons Hotel Boracay, Holster Jelly Sandals, trendy running shoes, Sun Cruises gift certificates, and cool items from Coleman.

Registration has been extended to December 4 and will run daily from 4pm to 8pm (beginning Monday, November 29) at ROX in Bonifacio High Street. For more race details, visit

What’s The Best Marathon Advice You’ve Ever Received?

I’ve received quite a lot of them, some really helpful and the others–the usual training tips that we generally try to incorporate into our races. There is much to be learned from these wealth of advice which are usually taken for granted but they offer valuable lessons that can be used and applied in every level of running.


Best advice? Here’s my top three given to me from the 80s:

  • Sleep well on the second to the last night before the marathon even if you can’t sleep the night before  (i can’t on the eve of every race). The two nights before your race is the most restful. Works well for me.
  • If you’re in a bind on what shoes to wear on marathon race day, use the shoes you’re presently training in! You’ve already used and tested them and they’ll give you the added stability and cushioning you may need to run the long distance race than when you wear your racing shoes. Don’t sacrifice stability and comfort for lightness. If your racing shoe has worked for you well enough and don’t give you any blisters on your long runs, then go for these shoes. If not, your usual training shoes will suffice.
  • Remember to have FUN!

Camsur Marathon at Star World

To those who ran the Camsur Marathon last September and for those who want to watch one of the most organized marathon events staged by Governor El Ray Villafuerte and organized by Rio Dela Cruz, this running event will be aired at Star World (cable), starting tonight.

Watch out for it!

Meet Your Pacers for the QCIM2

They’re a mix of seasoned runners, elites, emerging fast runners, many ultra-runners to Galloway specialists, meet these promising batch of pacers who have commited themselves to achieve your target time for this year’s 2nd Quezon City International Marathon.

Handy flags will be used in this year's QCIM

They’ll be holding color-coded flags and guide you up to the finish whether your running a 4-hour or a 6-hour marathon.


4:00:00   Alipio Narciso / Jeff Abenina / Wilnar Iglesia/

4:15:00   Eric Socrates / Michelle Estuar F

4:30:00    Lester Chuayap / John Jeffrey Avellanosa / Russel Pata

4:45:00    Siosan Baysa F / Chinky Tan F

5:00:00    Albert Henson / Francisco Lapira/ Prince Baltazar/ Carly Dizon/ Chris Ng/

5:15:00    Jade Lee F / Ronnie Gabriana/ Mar Marilag/Derek “Gab” Gabriel

5:30:00    Nickko Nolasco / George Dolores/

*Carina Manansala/ *Doc Topher Montaos  *(Galloway Method)

6:00:00    Dwane David / Robert Rosario/ JJ Layug/ Allen Gasper


2:00:00    Jixee Lagunda/Brando Losaria/Nick Geaga

2:15:00    Tin Ferrera/Ricky Gundran/

2:30:00    Running Diva/Roelle Punsalan/Raymund Canta

2:45:00    Neil Barrios/Marvin Opulencia

3:00:00    Erick Alabastro/RJ Bumanglad

Last year's Kenyans

There’ll be pacers for both the 42k and the 21k categories only. Each pacer will be holding a short 2 feet handled flag which is color-coded and the finish times indicated on each banner which corresponds to their target times. Each time slot will have 2 or more pacers allocated, the “LEAD” pacer/s at the front of the pack and the “SWEEPER” pacer/s at the rear. The Lead Pacers will be setting the pace and the Sweeper Pacer will be on hand to offer support and encouragement to any runner who may be dropping off the pace.

The small flags were opted for this year instead of baloons which they did at QCIM1 as it is more handy, it’s unobtrusive and in order not to impede them in their pacing efforts. The color-coding for each pace times will be announced soon.

The 42k runners will be fired-off first so all those running the full marathon should be at the starting line before 4:30am to seek out their pace leaders. The 21k runners will be sent off 30 minutes later at 5:00am.

In a related development, the Philippine Amateur Track and Field Association (PATAFA), together with the race course committee have officially measured all race course distances yesterday, November 16 and will be sending their official certification to the race organizers next week.


Hmm..i've seen you somewhere?

Good luck to all runners and hope you achieve your target goals!

Runners Flock to Adidas U.P. Adination Opening

The opening crowd

Long awaited and anticipated, the Adidas Adination of Runners (aNR) running group/community has finally made its debut at the UP Campus grounds last Tuesday, November 9, 2010.

The running group threw open its doors to about 124 runners for the first time in Quezon City and it takes aim to provide regular runners of the UP Diliman Campus and its environs a piece of the great action that is taking place in their other four regular venues, the Bonifacio High Street, Ayala Triangle Makati, Ortigas and Ayala Alabang.

Beyond just providing a venue for runners to run around the UP campus in groups, aNR-UP will will spearhead the participants to various running sessions which will include proper running technique to develop their skills, stamina, proper running form and motivation to sustain all runners into this healthy running lifestyle. And last Tuesday’s opening session just gave a glimpse of what runners would expect in the coming Tuesday evening sessions to come.

I have been tasked to head this group at UP being a regular here with the Runnex group that also hold its own running clinic every Sunday. My only concern was how much we could draw runners to come and have them attend the weekly sessions regularly. I’ve had regular discussions with the Team Leaders of the other groups and specially from Jinoe Gavan of who is the overseer of aNR and gave some valuable feedbacks on what to expect, the procedures, hassles and the benefits runners has to gain in joining aNR.

Elite Triathlete Monica Torres and Coach Jojo Macalintal as guest instructors

We were fortunate enough to have as guest lecturers Coach Jojo Macalintal and multi-awarded triathlete Monica Torres who both gave valuable tips in form, techniques, stretching exercises and the value of proper nutrition.

In terms of anticipation and initial runner reception for the rain soaked and dark venue fronting the Abelardo Hall which we had to vacate to transfer in the more well-lighted front portion of the UP Theater, around 50 runners were assembled ahead of the 6:30pm start which swelled to around 120 participants when the sessions began. Co-TL Abby Jocson, designated Assistant TL Cecille Lavarez and myself breathed a sigh of relief when the rain stopped, in time for the running drills.

And it’s worth noting that Adidas had added a little incentive for the newly registered aNR runners in offering loot bags of Adidas products. Thanks to Jinoe and Que Gavan of, Sidney, JM, Jillian of Adidas and Mike and co. of BrandAction.

To the unregistered members who attended last Tuesday’s opening and those who plan to join for the first time, please register now for Adination membership at the following Adidas stores:

adidas TRINOMA , adidas GREENBELT, adidas ROCKWELL , adidas GATEWAY, adidas GLORIETTA , adidas SHANGRILA, adidas EASTWOOD, adidas ATC , adidas Newport City, SM MOA . Registration is FREE!

The aNR-UP will be held every Tuesday evening, starting at 6:30pm in front of UP Theater. See you there!

We are also on facebook.

Giving praises to aNR UP! Hallelujah!

Coach Jojo talks on running

Loot Bags from Adidas

Updates: Adination at U.P. (November 9, 2010)


I received an e-mail from Jinoe Gavan of about a training program that was devised by a Singaporean Coach/Runner for  Phase 2 on all six (6) Adidas Adination groups here in Manila. It includes a schedule that is geared for runners who want to finish a 5k, 10k and a 21k. We will show you this during our opening on Tuesday, November 9, 2010 at 6:30PM in front of Abelardo Hall.

Also, registration for new members for the UP Adination are now being accepted at Trinoma. Kindly visit their store and fill up their registration forms so that you may be given a “Passport” that would entitle you to lots of Adidas discounts on races, gears and freebies. However, the forms are still on limited basis and is on a first-come-first-served basis.

In a meeting with the Adidas officers in charge of the Adination groups, Jinoe disclosed of various set-ups that will hopefully be implemented during the start of Phase 2 (November 9 for UP). Here are some of the updates agreed upon:

  • The Adination Team Leaders are allocated Passports on a limited basis to be distributed to runners who have pre-registered. However, registrations will still be done at the Adidas stores.
  • The aNR limited edition singlets will still be made available for sale. However, this might exclusively be distributed at Runnr Store. Start of sale will be announced shortly.
  • Hopefully, we shall receive the Passports of those who registered at the recent KOTR on Monday (if they were not given theirs yet) and if available by then, we shall give them on opening night.
  • We will have coaches and guest resource speakers for all aNR groups.
  • We will track attendance by putting the control numbers of the aNR members. The new passport has control numbers. It will only be your respective Control Numbers that will be logged in the attendance sheet and at the end of the week, we submit it to Adidas’ marketing arm, Brand Action for data keeping and analysis.

See you on Tuesday, November 9, 6:30pm!