Rizal Day 32k Run: A Nice Year-Ender

Last Monday’s 32k Rizal Day run will probably be my last long run for the year, barring Mel’s persistence that we do one more LSD on the 31st. Not this week, Mel! I’m just thinking about having easy runs from now on and slowly resume training on the first week of January for the Condura Skyway Marathon   on February 6. The Skyway Marathon is creeping up on me like a house on fire. It comes barely 2 months after my QCIM marathon last December 5 and the gruelling 21k Corregidor International Half-Marathon last week. With just 5 weeks to go before Condura, i’m cramming again like i’ve been under-training, instead of just doing maintainance runs which many have suggested.

And Monday’s 32k run at Camp Aguinaldo just came at the right time. A near bare-to-the bones race, no frills, but a race with just the right attitude that a lot of runners would appreciate–it felt exhillarating to run a again on a course so quiet, unruffled, where runners could just bond and talk, meditate or push as much as they want without the pressure and stress of other mega races.

Having run this course at last year’s edition, the organizers had the right distance this time, a full four and 3/4 loop at 32k, plus a few hundred meters change that had many of us laughing when the lead runners lapped us again with barely 4 loops completed. Unlike last year when i had to make a pit stop at a “For Officers’ Use Only” bathroom inside the camp’s fire department, it was a long, continuous run this time, only making stops when reaching the water stations.

It was great to see running friends and those who greeted me everytime i passed or was passed by runners. It seems that most runners knew everyone else, a close kinship where the truest and most dedicated ones have congregated and it was no surprise that the BDM veterans and would be ultrarunners were present.

I just ran a moderate pace, even when going the downhill parts and just enjoyed the cool breeze, my concentration just centered on finishing the distance strong. But it wasn’t to be until the 29k mark, going into the last 3/4 loop when i had to walk-run most of the time as the heat started to swell and my calf muscles started to lock. I must say that some of the hydration tables were under-equipped when the table marshalls were using small plastic bags instead of cups and the lack of water on some of the tables. Good thing i had my hydration belt with me and it sustained me well all throughout the race.

The affable Manong Jovie (baldrunner), race organizer was on hand at the finish line to welcome all finishers and i was handed a nice coffee mug which had a number “123” on it. It meant that i finished 123rd from the 200 runners who finished the race!:-) My finish time was 4:07, not being able to make the sub four hour that i was hoping for. I was satisfied with my time though, knowing that i didn’t push real hard and was just aiming to finish strong.

Over-all, the race was fine and i’m looking forward to joining its 3rd edition next year. Here are some pictures of the event. Thanks to my FB friends for some of the pics posted.

With Tin Ferrera (2nd place, female) and Ebong Bautista

With FB friends

Wearing our nice Finishers' Shirt

Running at the west side portion of the route

Ebong & Mel (r)

Photo Of The Week: The Christmas or Lenten Run?


The race of the Santa Clauses, with a “Jesus” runner carrying a cross on his back take part at the “Christmas Corrida Race” in the streets of Issy Les Moulineaux, west outskirts of Paris, Sunday, Dec. 14, 2008.

(AP Photo / Francois Mori)

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aNR UP Group X’mas Party

So the guys were serious..they wanted to party! It was a spur of the moment decision for most to get to a place to unwind and celebrate the Christmas season after our running session at UP last Tuesday. Eat, drink and sing were the order of the night! We had been running together since October and its almost Christmas so what a better way to bond and have a nice get-together than… well (besides running) to party!

So we went to this place called Spazzio along Maginhawa Street (yes, the street Second Wind Running Store made famous) in Teachers Village, Quezon City. The open Veranda ovelooking the street is situated, of all places..on top of a bank! There’s a side garage entrance where you climb up its stairs and you’re immediately welcomed by a special ambiance that’s ideal for light dinners, a few bottles of beer or if you want to stretch your vocal chords a bit, a sing-along room in the inner quarter that will suit you just fine.

I got to know many of the runners personally, who i’m just familiar with from seeing their faces during our running sessions and its really a revelation for me that not only are they good runners but they can actually sing! 

Aside from the singing though, these group of runners were really revved up on the upcoming 5th Sunday run next January and this early, we are now preparing our roster for the 5k race events, the individual as well as the relays. Our representatives includes several sub-25min 5k runners, both male and female which will give other aNR groups some stiff competition.

I’m really looking forward to this event and give our group a chance to run, inter-act and compete with the other groups as well. In the meantime, cheers to all and may you all have a wonderful Christmas!


Outside the Spazzio

Enjoying some beers

We were in a bar, not a resort!

aNR UP Angels?

The guys' turn

While waiting for orders

We all had the place to ourselves

Why do professional fotogs take pictures like this?

Where is Noel?

Our sub-25mins 5k female runners from the UP Group! Watch out!

Carbo-loading for January 30?

Glo with her rendition of "Killing Me Softly"

My Corregidor International Half-Marathon 2010 Run


Over lunch yesterday after finishing the Corregidor International Half-Marathon (CIHM), Dante, Tonet and myself were whining about the difficult climbs that made us walk on long stretches throughout the hilly course. Maan Briones, a yoga practitioner who together with her daughter accompanied hubby, Dante in this race commented that there should be a cessation of races during the month of December. When i asked why, she simply said, “December is party time…most runners are in no condition to run races!”

True enough, the nightly Christmas parties, drinking and eating binges which sometimes lasts up to the wee hours of the morning and the erratic training really took its toll on us where we had to stop and walk many times just to catch our breaths. With very little sleep three nights in a row before the race and the last long run being the QCIM two weeks ago, i wasn’t expecting much from this run in terms of a good race except that this was just going to be a “picture run” as Alfred V coined it..running while taking pictures of the scenery.

With just 2 hours of sleep the night before, Tonet and i arrived at the Folks Art Theater a little past 5am and left Manila by 5:35. There was just a total of about 350 runners who registered in this race, a far cry from the organizer’s expected 800 runners. It was however, good to see just a small number of participants, sparing us the chaos during starts of those mega races held in Manila. The race started promptly at 8:00am and it was nice to see race organizer Edward Kho sporting a new “barber’s cut” hairstyle doing the countdown.

I felt real bad during the first kilometer or two as it was a slight uphill going towards the Malinta Tunnel and my heart was really pounding as i couldn’t get into my usual rhythm. The first turn-around was a bit of a struggle as we had to go back that uphill past the Japanese Gardens and saw for the first time runners who were now walking.

I was a bit surprised to see the first off-road grass path as i didn’t see that during our test-run a few months ago. It was like a mini runway except that grass was obviously trimmed to create a pathway for the runners. We had good weather and the wind was breezy and i enjoyed this part very much. The second trail was the longest and i noticed that the wild grasses were really trimmed completely to make room for the runners. Good job by the organizers!

I reached the 10k mark at around 1:08 which was inside the cut-off mark of 1:45.

The top-side and middleside parts of the islands were the most arduous as these are where the hills are located. While walking these side of town, i heard one runner commented that this race has become one long “walkathon”! Although the water stations were generally well-stocked, i sometimes encountered some tables where station marshalls were struggling to contain the crowd that were getting water that runners had to wait their turn in getting their cups filled-up.

One innovation that this race had was that they offered honey placed in small sip-locked plastic sachets which were really good tasting. I didn’t really notice how it affected my running but its good to have them specially in longer races.

Approaching the 19th km, one couldn’t miss the killer hill that really reduced us to walking zombies! Some walked backwards while the others took one step at a time and it was really funny to see how runners reacted climbing this hill…some were cursing, some laughing and it came at a time when muscles were at its sorest!

I finished the race in 2:36 and got one of the most elegant finishers medal i have ever received! Over-all, the race was well-organized, helped by the gorgeous weather and a nice lunch to boot!

Congrats to Edward, Raymund, Vanessa and the rest of their organizing team!:-)

Here are some of the pics taken before, during and after the run. Thanks to Jinoe and Alfred for some of the pics.

Far left: Dante, daughter Isabel, wife Maan, Tonet and me.

With Au of Runnex

With Dante

Arriving at Corregidor

Running friends, Dave and Alfred with their lady friends

With Dante, Tonet and Reylynne

With Au, Vince and their friend

The first of three trail courses

Getting the feel of soft grass


Start of the 2nd trail course

Two months ago, this trail was almost covered with tall native grasses.

Near Battery Barracks


Part of the route on the 19k mark

Shot taken while running

Approaching the killer hill! The most difficult part of the course..even while walking!

At the finish!

All smiles...

L-R: Second Placer (W), Reylynne, Women's Champ, Michele, Junrox, Me and Dave


I got KO'd here!:-)

Presenting: The Condura Skyway Marathon 2011

Ton Concepcion, President/CEO of Condura Durables, marathoner and main race organizer of the Condura Skyway Marathon will have his hands full when he stages the next big marathon in the country, The Condura Skyway Marathon on February 6, 2011. 

Re-branding it from its former name “Condura Run” to Skyway Marathon”, Ton hopes to position this marathon as one of the largest in Asia by 2012 and hopes to attact about 12,000 runners to this year’s race.

With the help of his events team at Condura, Princess Galura of Event King, Rio dela Cruz of Runrio and the people behind Ironman, Philippines,  his meticulous planning skills and determination will again be at the forefront, this being his 4th staging of this race.

Being a marathoner himself, he’s in the position to know what’s best for runners, taking into consideration their safety, concerns and over-all satisfaction that would benefit both runners and his advocacies.

I was able to attend the Blogger’s launching of this event last Wednesday and below is Mr. Concepcion’s presentation of the 2011 Skyway Marathon:  

For registration, please go to the Express lane of Condura Skyway Marathon Registration Center in Greenbelt 3 (fronting Asics store). Pay the registration fee and claim the race packet and dri-fit technical shirt.

We wish Ton Concepcion, his brother Pat and the rest of his team a successful staging of next February 6’s race!

A Look At XTERRA’s “Pang Rave Run” Trail


Last Sunday, we were invited by the organizers of XTERRA’s “Pang Rave Run”, Alaska Milk Corporation’s Jocel de Guzman and Event King’s Princess Galura for a familiarization tour of Tagaytay Highlands and Midlands Resort, venue for the trail race this coming January 30, 2011.

We did not get to see the trails itself as Neville Manaois and his team were still mapping out the course although the 10k and 21k courses have already been pinpointed, beneath the vast, cold and lush surroundings of the Tagaytay ridges and mountains.

When we arrived at the Tagaytay Midlands, the first thing we noticed was the fog and mist that engulfed the whole area with the cold temperature (mid to high 60s) tingling down our spines. We were told by the staff of the resort that the weather would stay constant up to the month of February so no less than an ideal weather would be expected come race day.

The scenes from the trails would be over-looking Taal Volcano for sure but its selling point would be the trails themselves which were never used or ran in any race before. Be forewarned though that the start of the race course would be an uphill struggle from 500 meters up to a kilometer so it would be wise training for some hills already.

The pictures shown below are some of the resorts’ facilities that runners might want to check out before or after the run. They have small, cozy hotels, inns and cottages should runners decide to stay over night at the place. Because of the limited time that we were given, we were not able to run around the area but were given a walking tour instead and found the resort an idyllic place to stay.

Neville promised to send me pictures of the proposed trails so once they are available, i’ll immediately post it here.

Many thanks to Vima Mendoza kulitrunner  for making this trip a very enjoyable one.

The trails are on top of those mountain ranges

The group checking out the area

With EventKing Head, Princess Galura

Breakfast with race organizers and bloggers

Over-looking Taal lake

With "Journeying" James

Tagaytay Midlands Golf Club house

The trails are somewhere this foliage

Pics with some of the Alaska execs, the race' main sponsors

A trail to the cowboy cottages

With Race Director Neville Manaois, James and Vima (Kulitrunner)

With Vima, showing off her...

The pool within the lush settings

No swimming, water was too cold!

Princess, trying to get her message through!

Uncaged Parrot at their mini zoo

Group pic before leaving Tagaytay Midlands

Lunch here at Bag of Beans in Tagaytay city proper

Inside Bag of Beans Coffee shop

Shoe Review: Adidas Supernova Sequence 3



  • Recommended as stability trainer for runners with normal to low arches
  • Excellent shoe for runners who need good mid-sole cushioning and for those who mildly over-pronate looking for a combination of cushioning and enhanced stability.
  • Weight: 13.0 oz.

I’ve previously reviewed two other Adidas shoes, the Adidas adizero-boston-ekiden, a lightweight trainer/racing shoe and the supernova-glide-2 a neutral training shoe both of which are light and very responsive.

This week, i received from Adidas their foremost stability shoe to test, the Supernova Sequence 3 which is by far the heaviest shoe among the three. While the Boston Ekiden is almost exclusively for fast and efficient runners and the Glide 2 for neutral runners, the Sequence 3 evokes the heritage of their stability models or for those who mildly over-pronate.

Like the Glide2, the Sequence 3 has a good blend of midsole cushioning and support some of which it gets from a lacing system integrated with the stripes.


Cool style and its main construction feature is the stitched-on micro-suede upper which gives a soft, foamy feel outside and inside while the collar and tongue are also padded. The shoe is well constructed and has breathable air mess that inhibits heat to accumulate inside. And like in many Adidas running shoe, it has a blown rubber outsole (adiWEAR) that offers the ultimate in high-wear durability.

Among its other features include:

  • A redesigned forefoot with adiPRENE technology and new flex zones for improved transitions
  • A non slip lining and adiLITE respo EVA anti-microbial sockliner for comfort
  • Pro-moderator medial support device that prevents overpronation
  • Torsion systems for mid-foot integrity


When i tried it first last Tuesday for a 5k test run, i thought the forefoot was too narrow and the toebox wasn’t deep enough. However, i realized then that i was wearing new thick socks which i don’t normally use on my daily runs. Still, it felt comfortable but was getting that snugly feel because of the thick socks that almost rubbed the upper part of my foot from beneath the shoe’s upper.


Aimed for a 12k run this morning wearing my regular thin socks this time and voila! The Sequence 3 really felt comfortable, my foot was more relaxed and the 12k ride was excellent! It was stable, the cushioning was evident and the shoe was responsive. The only obvious flaw was that it was a bit heavy.

BEST USE: Highest and best use is for long training runs either on roads or even on non-technical trails. I would also use it for some tempo runs because of its stability.

VERDICT: A very good stability shoe!

X-Terra: Pang Rave (Trail) Run


10K/21K Trail Run

January 30, 2011

Tagaytay Midlands


In the heels of  XTERRA’s Putik Pare biathlon held in Nuvali a few weeks ago, you’ll enjoy even more XTERRA’s unique and rare Trail Run entitled “Pang Rave Run!” this coming January 30, 2011 at Tagaytay Midlands.

It’s being touted to be a most enjoyable, root slipping, mud hopping, tree ducking and hill climbing race in the country today! Take the challenge of running on a mountainous terrain while enjoying the breathtaking view of Taal Volcano and feeling the cool breeze in Tagaytay. Exciting cash prizes awaits the winners for the Male and Female Categories!

Register now, book your hotel and slip on those running shoes for the most action-packed trail race adventure! Travelling to Tagaytay Midlands was also made easy for you! Check out the shuttle service schedule below and reserve a seat now!

Be raved! Be thrilled! Be fired-up! XTERRA’s “Pang Rave Run!” is definitely the kind of run that you’ve been searching for!



– December 1, 2010 to January 23, 2011 (both online and in-store registration)


ONLINE: http://www.xterraphil.com



– RUNNR – Bonifacio High Street


Unit 401 Auto Precinct, Westgate Center

Filinvest, Alabang, Muntinlupa Cit


uNIT 03A Ortigas Home Depot

Julia Vargas Ave., Pasig City


10K – PHP 1,000


– Race Bib

– Finisher’s Shirt made with Technical Material

– Buffet Breakfast

– Loot Bag

– Xterra Race Belt

21K – PHP 1,500


– Race Bib

– Finisher’s Shirt made with Technical Material

– Buffet Breakfast

– Loot Bag

– Xterra Race Belt

– Xterra Visor


– A round trip bus service is available to participants for a minimal fee of PHP 250. Details of shuttle schedules:

A. Pickup from Bonifacio Global City going to Tagaytay:

1st batch – 3:00 AM

2nd batch – 3:30 AM

B. Leave Tagaytay back to Bonifacio Global City:

1st batch – 11:00 AM

2nd batch – 2:00 PM


ASSEMBLY                              GUN START

21K –                    5:00 AM                               5:30 AM

10K –                    6:00 AM                               6:30 AM


*21K Race Participants are advised to bring head lamp

*for further inquiries, please contact: secretariat@xterraphil.com