Jeff Galloway: “Gallowalking” in Manila

He is probably the world’s leading authority on Running and has authored more than a dozen books about the sport, including his best-selling Book on Running. He also writes a monthly column for Runner’s World magazine.

JEFF GALLOWAY is arriving in Manila and in Cebu to give a series of lectures on training used by elite runners apply to runners of all levels. He explains his secrets for running better, and his revolutionary ideas on the Galloway method of running, “run more-walk some” which i fondly refer to as “Gallowalk”. Jeff tells beginners how to get started sensibly and provides unique training for all run distances.

Jaymie Pizarro (thebullrunner) and the forwardleanrunning team are bringing in Mr. Galloway with schedule as follows:

Manila Talk Schedule:
  • Feb 2, Wednesday, 6 to 9 PM, Colegio de San Agustin Basketball Arena, Dasmarinas Vill., Mkt
  • Feb 5, Saturday, 2 to 5 PM, Colegio de San Agustin Basketball Arena, Dasmarinas Vill., Mkt
Tickets are currently being sold at P500 for the lectures, but they are providing special group discount of 15% OFF for 50 TICKETS should you wish to purchase in bulk for your company/ running group/ club/ clients/ friends/ partners.
For more info, you can check out Jaymie’s blog (here) or e-mail her at:

Photos Of The Week: Lots’a Loving At The aNR UP Group

There’s a lot of hugging, loving and running at the Adination of Runners, UP Group. See why other runners are no longer lonely. The group basically promotes running but don’t blame me if others find love, romance and a future soulmate. And your soulmate may just be running here somewhere in this group.

Join now! aNR UP Group, every Tuesday evening, 6:30pm in front of The Bahay Ng Alumni, UP Campus.

Team Leaders: Rene Villarta & Abby Jocson

Assistant Team Leaders: Prince Baltazar, Cecille Lavarez

Facebook: Adination of Runners, UP Diliman Group


Thanks to aNR UP member Kb Runner for the pics!

Shoe Review: Brooks Ghost 3



  • Recommended for neutral runners and slight underpronators who want a high-performance ride and “do-everything” versatility from high-speed training runs to week-end long hauls.
  • Excellent shoe for runners with high arches that gives sufficient arch support.
  • Won Runners World Magazine’s “Editors Choice” Award in their September 2010 issue.
  • Weight: 11.1 oz.

It doesn’t matter what brand of shoe you wear. What matters is that they work for you. I’m reminded of this running shoe ad many years ago when as a newbie to running, i had committed the beginner’s mistake of  choosing a shoe based on looks and style rather than matching it with my feet’s characteristics and bio-mechanical needs.

The BROOKS brand was one of my first running shoes and was available locally during the early 80s. Together with SAUCONY, it competed with ADIDAS (then the predominant shoe) and in lesser terms, with NIKE and ASICS (Tiger).

My first Brooks shoe was a model called “Vantage” which i purchased back in 1984. It had a nice design and color, something that i would gloat about to friends. The trouble was, every time i finish my runs on them, i experienced various pains like a sore knee, aching ankles, a black toe-nail here and there, etc. I was so frustrated about the shoe that i gave them away and vowed never to use this brand again.

Fast forward to 2011. Two weeks ago, long time drinking buddy Norman (close friend of June) came home from the US and brought for me one of Brook’s best selling running shoe model, the GHOST. I got its latest version, the Ghost 3.

Brooks:Ghost 3

I gave it a short spin during our trip to Lucban, Quezon last week and found one very comfortable, snug and light training shoe. Three days ago, i gave it a more rigid test by going on an easy-moderate 19k run with running partner Betty around the Ortigas-Meralco area.

The ride was smooth, cushioning was adequate, easy on the feet–a far cry from the model i had 27 years ago. Well, countless changes have occurred in design and manufacturing and the Ghost 3 was an opener on how this brand has evolved.


The Ghost3 Has incorporated in this shoe the brand’s new BioMoGo mid sole foam that has been engineered to biodegrade 50 times faster than conventional EVA material and this makes it environment friendly.

Also, Brook’s unique Hydro Flow HT units gives it excellent cushioning and shock absorption that compresses and releases “bubbles” to a springy motion in both the heel and forefoot.
Aesthetically, the construction has been nicely done, well-made with an airmesh that’s open enough for heat to dissipate.

At first glance, the shoe seem to be bulky and heavy but surprisingly, it’s lightweight and offers up a soft and resilient ride and feels more comfortable at higher speeds. Flexing the Ghost 3 from its forefoot, it easily bends so you get the feeling of responsiveness from heel strike to to-off.
The cushioning is ample for even long, slow training runs and its snug fit is constant even in fast-paced running.

Performance-wise, the Ghost 3 did not disappoint. Runners with neutral-feet  like me will like its lightweight and responsive feel. My short strides really compliments with the shoes’ easy to carry feel. I couldn’t help but compare this shoe with my now old SAUCONY Pro-grid RIDE because of its excellent receptive feel, arch support, lightness and zippiness.

Test-running it in Lucban. Doesn't match my socks and shorts though:-)


No doubt, the Ghost 3 is an excellent cushioned shoe for runners with neutral feet who wants a light, well supported and efficient footwear for everyday training.

Running in Lucban, Quezon

Old catholic Church in Lucban

In the midst of a forced respite from heavy training due to a nagging Plantaar Fascia injury, i followed a yearning to indulge in a pastime that attracted me to running in the first place–adventure running in the county side.
So i, together with long-time running buddy June with Norman, an old friend, now Washington, D.C.-based and who ran a recent Marine Corps Marathon and their mutual friend, Mico headed out for a strong dose of longganisa smelling, and some easy running in Lucban, Quezon Province.
Lucban, situated near the foot hills of Mt. Banahaw is well-known for its Pahiyas Festival where homes are decorated with fruits, vegetables, other farm produce and kiping. It’s a form of thanksgiving in honor of the patron saint of farmers, San Isidro de Labrador for a bountiful harvest.
However, the celebration is still 4 months away (May 15) and running around town sans the crowd of local and foreign tourists lets you have the place all for yourselves. There’s nothing like getting into a quaint town for an honest measure of easy running and a reality that i still couldn’t run properly with my current injury still at the back of my mind.
After a brief stop-over at a gas station for coffee, the four of us headed to the centuries old San Isidro de Labrador Parish Church for some rounds of running around its vicinity. Our running gear caught the attention of some locals but being an ordinary day, the sparse crowd and the cool weather, people didn’t seem to mind much our intrusion into their daily routine.

Running near the side entrance

Lucban's famous water canals

With June and Norman

Church's markstone

Church's facade

The streets of Lucban are similar to each other–narrow and at times congested with cars, trucks, tricycles, some locals and tourists trying to keep their balance at the edges whenever vehicles try to inch their way in. We had some pleasure observing the mini-canals, where strong current of clear water coming directly from Mt. Banahaw doesn’t fail to put a spell in your consciousness, wishing that we had the same clean canals in Metro Manila.

Adjacent to these narrow streets are small heritage houses with its groundfloors bustling with commercial establishments ranging from restaurants, artifacts, longganisa (local sausages) kiosks and other souvenir shops which include their best selling liquor, the “Lambanog“.

On one of Lucban's narrow streets

Never get tired looking at the canals

Getting inside an old cemetery

Peaceful though a little eerie

Norman's turn

On a paved trail inside a village

Street views: A Longganisa store

Along JP Rizal Street

The National Highway near the Lucban-Tayabas border

It was way past noon when we ended our short running-tour of the town and headed off to nearby Tayabas for a hearty lunch at the Kamayan Sa Palaisdaan Restaurant and Resort. It’s about a 10-minute drive from Lucban and situated just past the border of Lucban and Tayabas. This was going to be the highlight of our stay here.

At the entrance of Kamayan Resort

The restaurant is situated in a massive lagoon where nipa huts are suspended in bamboo stilts, floating like rafts and inside these rafts are benches and bamboo tables where people dine. Specialties are seafoods although different food varieties are also available.

Inside the resort

Floating Bamboo rafts

Our nipa hut at right

View from our raft


June at play with some other's...


Lunch included sizzling seafood vegetables

Crispy Catfish

Grilled spare ribs

and a host of others...

Desert is sweetened squash...oh, sooo yummy!

Inside the gardens

At the other floating rafts


With Norman

At an arch entrance

There's more of them

Small hotel inside the Palaisdaan

It was already way past 5pm when we drove back to Lucban. Norman bought some longganizas to take home and we were all happy for the experience. Like some charm you can’t resist, Lucban will continue to offer memories of peace and tranquility–a place to lose your thoughts, a place to wander and a place to run.

I suspect we’ll be back again to visit and be engulfed by its charm…some time very soon.


Hoping For Grace…

I dread waking up in mornings not sure if i’ll be able to handle a run, knowing that an injury has not been healed completely. I know, i know… i rested for a couple of days already, well it’s been a week and i just can’t wait to get re-started and see if the Plantar Fascia has responded to the ice massage, stretching, doses of Vitamin I (Ibuprofen) and rest! I still feel that bit of slight twinge early mornings when i get up from bed, which is quite normal with this condition but warms up a little when i’m already up and about.

That's the one under

My apologies to Betty and Tonette for not being able to run with you..specially Betty who’ll be running Hongkong in two weeks time. The spirit is willing but my foot says ouch!…so there.

So this morning, i woke up at 4:30am and it was still chilly. After much more musing of whether to run or not, i finally donned my shoes and gear, stretched those calf muscles and plantar fascia, headed out the gate and started to run very slowly… well jog is the right term. I tried not to be too conscious of my ailing foot although i did change my foot strike a bit, opting more to land on my midfoot so as not to put pressure on the heel where the pain usually occur (see illustration above).

For the first time, it was great not to feel any discomfort and running my route via Anonas, Xavierville Road, Katipunan Avenue then to CP Garcia and finally inside UP was a breeze although i could feel the exhaustion every time i ran those uphills, the effect of having lost some of my fitness during the interim. It was a good 5k, better than i expected and although the foot felt a little queasy, it was generally ok.

The Condura marathon is looming, and it’s just 3 weeks away! And i should come to terms whether it’ll still be wise for me to run the full mary or just sit tight and wait for this injury to completely heal. And the prospect of waiting is just sooo outrageously long!

To Condura or not?

No, it’s now too late for me to join the Black Nazarene procession!

Have mercy!

Taray Pamulinawen 2011: Laoag Sand Dune Challenge


After the huge success of “Run Ahead, Raising A Roof” Run held in Laoag City last December of 2009, Triathlete/Runner & Race organizer Faivo Bartolome brings another unique event up North, the “Taray Pamulinawen 2011, Laoag Sand Dunes Challenge” to be held on February 26, 2011 and will start and end at the Laoag City Hall.

This race, hosted by the Laoag City government will be a first of a kind wherein runners will be running in the Sand Dunes of La Paz, a municipality of Laoag which is well-known for being the setting of well-known foreign films like Tom Cruise’ “Born On The Fourth Of July”, Mel Gibson’s “Mad Max” series and local films like Nora Aunor’s “Himala” and the “Panday” series of the late Fernando Poe, Jr.

The sand dunes viewed from above a hill

Very fine sand that towers up to two stories high

Also known as “The Desert Of The North”, the Sand Dunes of La Paz offers a very challenging terrain not only with its varied uphill climbs but also for its arduous surface which is like threading on very soft and deep desert sands and would be twice as difficult to traverse whenever strong gales coming from the Pacific Ocean blows the sand away and is quite painful once the sand gets into your eyes.

The Pacific Ocean on the horizon

Wilnar and I threading towards the beach

I, together with some runner friends had the chance to run in this difficult terrain and it was one of the most exhilarating experience we ever had. This was during the “Run Ahead Race” in Laoag City and our adventures can be read here: running-the-sand-dune-trails-of-la-paz and here: run-ahead.

The trail going towards the sand dunes

Running atop one of the sand dunes

Finally arriving at the beach front

Great view!

The Taray Pamulinawen 2011 sand Dune Challenge is envisioned to become one of the North’s biggest and unique running events that will highlight the City of Laoag as a major tourist destination and an investment mecca.

The route will cover some of the most scenic spots in Laoag like its centuries old churches, pristine beaches and some of the old landmarks of the city.

The race will feature a 10-mile trail run (which will include the sand dunes), a 10k Road Run, 5k Road Run, 3k Family Run and a 750 meter Kids Dash.

 Registration fees are as follows:

DURATION Jan. 3 – Jan. 31

Early Bird Registration


Feb. 1 – Feb. 19

Regular Registration


Feb. 20 – Feb. 23

Late Registration



10 mi. Trail Run       

Php 350.00       

Php 400.00       

Php 500.00       


Php 150.00       

Php 200.00       

Php 250.00       


Php 150.00       

Php 200.00       

Php 250.00       

3km Family Run       

Php 150.00 each       

Php 200.00 each       

Php 250.00 each       

750m Kids Dash       

Php 100.00       

Php 125.00       

Php 150.00       

For other details and to download registration forms, please visit or call/text 0917-5530050 (Faivo Bartolome).

Shoe Review: Saucony Progrid Ride 3



  • Recommended for neutral and efficient runners looking for a well-cushioned shoe for long training runs
  • Made and designed for long distance runners of moderate weight
  • Weight: 11.5 oz.

During last year’s 2010 KONA IRONMAN World Championships, a survey was done on which brand of running shoe was most worn by its participants. The survey showed that SAUCONY shoes came in a close 3rd (198) behind NEWTON shoes (second at 204) and ASICS (464) which topped the list. (Check here for the complete survey: (

The survey shows the popularity of Saucony as a reliable and one of the most sought after running shoe around. Save for the 80s era wherein the first incarnation of the brand was available locally, at present, it has barely found its niche in the country except for one model, the KINVARA which is available exclusively at “A Runner’s Circle” (arunnerscircle) store in Manila.


As with their other popular models, the ProGrid Ride 3 uses their exclusive Heel ProGrid midsole cushioning that absorbs the hardest impact and efficiently dissipates shock for a smooth transition. The cushioning is also evident in the forefoot with its SRC (Super Rebound Cushioning) that provide a smooth toe-off and increased shock absorption.

Its upper is made of its Hydrator Collar Lining, Saucony’s performance fabric with its wide airmess that brings comfort and breathability while its outsole is called XT-900, a carbon rubber outsole material that offers excellent traction system without sacrificing durability.


The original ProGrid RIDE (1) is by far, my best running shoe ever! It had my exact fit, a 9&1/2, 2E width, great cushioning and had an excellent plush ride. It had about 1,000kms on it and had worn them exclusively on races from 5k to the marathon. Unfortunately, i had to retire them after the Camsur International Marathon last year as i felt it already outlived its usefulness and felt the cushioning has sagged considerably.

Saucony RIDE


I somehow missed its update, the ProGride Ride 2, having worn other brands in the interim, but i would say that RIDE 3 comes very close to the original RIDE. Like its grandfather, the RIDE 3 has still that sublime feel: the multiple density midsole is sufficiently cushioned for long runs but its spry enough to be able to rev-up for faster paced work outs like tempo runs and fartleks.


The ProGrid Ride 3 lived up to its expectations. The ultimate test came during last December 27, 2010 Rizal Day Run when it endured the full 32k distance for the first time. Running on relatively new shoes takes a while in getting used to but the cushioning was ample during the long haul, the fit remained snug even if they were half size bigger at size 10 (if no 2E width is available, i always get a half-size bigger), the heel cup felt secure and the forefoot was accommodating but not baggy.

Felt a little rubbing-off underneath my forefoot which i thought would lead to blisters but it wasn’t the shoes but the culprit was the tight fitting new socks i was wearing. After the race, no blisters occured, though.


Highest and best use is for long training runs or long races like the marathon and ultra-marathons.


Another great one from Saucony! I had bounced around a couple of other shoe brands but i still come back for this particular model mainly because of its over-all fit and the very pleasant ride it gives with nary a discomfort feeling whatsoever. Moreover, they’re a good combination of comfort and stability.