Shoe Review: Brooks Ghost 3



  • Recommended for neutral runners and slight underpronators who want a high-performance ride and “do-everything” versatility from high-speed training runs to week-end long hauls.
  • Excellent shoe for runners with high arches that gives sufficient arch support.
  • Won Runners World Magazine’s “Editors Choice” Award in their September 2010 issue.
  • Weight: 11.1 oz.

It doesn’t matter what brand of shoe you wear. What matters is that they work for you. I’m reminded of this running shoe ad many years ago when as a newbie to running, i had committed the beginner’s mistake of  choosing a shoe based on looks and style rather than matching it with my feet’s characteristics and bio-mechanical needs.

The BROOKS brand was one of my first running shoes and was available locally during the early 80s. Together with SAUCONY, it competed with ADIDAS (then the predominant shoe) and in lesser terms, with NIKE and ASICS (Tiger).

My first Brooks shoe was a model called “Vantage” which i purchased back in 1984. It had a nice design and color, something that i would gloat about to friends. The trouble was, every time i finish my runs on them, i experienced various pains like a sore knee, aching ankles, a black toe-nail here and there, etc. I was so frustrated about the shoe that i gave them away and vowed never to use this brand again.

Fast forward to 2011. Two weeks ago, long time drinking buddy Norman (close friend of June) came home from the US and brought for me one of Brook’s best selling running shoe model, the GHOST. I got its latest version, the Ghost 3.

Brooks:Ghost 3

I gave it a short spin during our trip to Lucban, Quezon last week and found one very comfortable, snug and light training shoe. Three days ago, i gave it a more rigid test by going on an easy-moderate 19k run with running partner Betty around the Ortigas-Meralco area.

The ride was smooth, cushioning was adequate, easy on the feet–a far cry from the model i had 27 years ago. Well, countless changes have occurred in design and manufacturing and the Ghost 3 was an opener on how this brand has evolved.


The Ghost3 Has incorporated in this shoe the brand’s new BioMoGo mid sole foam that has been engineered to biodegrade 50 times faster than conventional EVA material and this makes it environment friendly.

Also, Brook’s unique Hydro Flow HT units gives it excellent cushioning and shock absorption that compresses and releases “bubbles” to a springy motion in both the heel and forefoot.
Aesthetically, the construction has been nicely done, well-made with an airmesh that’s open enough for heat to dissipate.

At first glance, the shoe seem to be bulky and heavy but surprisingly, it’s lightweight and offers up a soft and resilient ride and feels more comfortable at higher speeds. Flexing the Ghost 3 from its forefoot, it easily bends so you get the feeling of responsiveness from heel strike to to-off.
The cushioning is ample for even long, slow training runs and its snug fit is constant even in fast-paced running.

Performance-wise, the Ghost 3 did not disappoint. Runners with neutral-feet  like me will like its lightweight and responsive feel. My short strides really compliments with the shoes’ easy to carry feel. I couldn’t help but compare this shoe with my now old SAUCONY Pro-grid RIDE because of its excellent receptive feel, arch support, lightness and zippiness.

Test-running it in Lucban. Doesn't match my socks and shorts though:-)


No doubt, the Ghost 3 is an excellent cushioned shoe for runners with neutral feet who wants a light, well supported and efficient footwear for everyday training.


3 responses to “Shoe Review: Brooks Ghost 3

  1. Brooks are great shoes. I wear Brooks Cascadia for my trail running. But for my regular marathons I used Asics Kayano and 2150.

    • Hi Rowell–Haven’t tried any of the present day Asics and i sure want to try them out some day. The Brooks are great no doubt and i’ll see if i can get one trail shoe i could wear in the long run. Thanks!

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