Shoe Review: Adidas Adizero F50 Runner



  • Recommended for biomechanically efficient runners who wants a responsive lightweight trainer or racer
  • Good second shoe for fast work-outs or as a flat-out racer
  • Weight: 8.4 (oz.)

Picking up where the equally light Adizero Ekiden (reviewed here) left off, the Adizero F50 Runner blends a lot of cushioning, lightness and space, so roomy in fact that the size seems to be half an inch longer than your regular shoe size.

I usually don’t wear light shoes as a training shoe except when I go out for tempo runs or fartleks but the F50 seems to have enough support for those short uptempo runs. Last Tuesday morning, I wore-tested them for the first time and set-off for an easy 6 km run and found them to be lavishly comfortable and extremely smooth and soft from heel to toe.


Later that night during our aNR sessions at UP, I wore it again and tested how it responded to faster paced running. I did 2 laps at the academic oval (4.4kms) at tempo pace and the shoe was indeed responsive which should please runners looking for a “quick” shoe for fast-pace runs or racing.


The upper has a retro-look that reminded me of uppers that were constructed during the 80s. You feel that it was made of canvas but it’s actually composed of layers, a net-like layer of open mesh contained into a semi-transparent outer layer. You will only notice the transparency when you look from the inside. Naturally, this gives a lot of breathability that would provide for maximum ventilation when running.

The positioning of the three (3) stripes has been altered as it is now laying horizontal-like rather than the usual vertical positioning. The layering of the stripes gives it a “faster”, sporty look.

The shoe has an extended heel notch which I assume was made so the Achilles tendons won’t get irritated or rubbed against especially in fast-paced running.

Insole: Molded respoEVA lining that provides an ergonomic fit

Midsole: adiPtene and ForMotion technology that covers full forefoot to give that extra propulsion and increased responsiveness.

Outsole: molded lightweight rubber



The midfoot fit is quite snug although the heel part seems to be a bit roomy and opens up a bit and you’ll notice it when walking. However, I find the feel inside “homey”, meaning comfortable and secure enough with no irritations whatsoever.


Performance-wise, it made a very good impression based on the easy run and tempo run tests. The agility and responsiveness are palpable in the mid-foot and forefoot.



There’s a slight drawback I noticed about this shoe. As Adidas Ph provides me shoes to use and review (for the aNR series), this particular shoe they sent me had a minor flaw. Before wear-testing any shoe I review, I usually put the new pair on top of a table, observe it at the rear and check if the whole shoe would lay flat-out on the surface and would stand upright.

I noticed however, that the right pair tilted a little on its left side as if an overpronator had used them. It also didn’t lay flat on the surface like there was a small gap underneath the forefoot (see picture below).

With this slight glitch, I didn’t think it would cause any problem while running as it hardly made any difference when I was wear-testing them.


Except for this minor flaw, the Adizero F50 Runner is still an excellent option for faster-paced runners with neutral or high arches who want a lightweight trainer or those looking for speedwork or a race day shoe.

However, I would not recommend this for over-pronators or heavy runners who need greater support.