Rogin-E Race: We Run, We Endure!

Not sure if i’m back on track, but it was a good try!

Last Sunday’s 10k Rogin-e -Last Man Running Race was my first race for this year, the last being the Rizal Day 32k race, back in December 2010. I’ve had very little training last month and being injured sure took a lot of toll on my fitness and training. And boy, i’ve gained some 8 lbs in the process! Ugh!

So the 10k race was a low maintainance kinda run, no pushing the limits, the miles were not as intense—just trying to get into a groove, a moderate to highly moderate sort of running. I could still feel the discomfort of my plantar fasciia and it’s really hard going into full throttle knowing that it could get worse if you push it too hard.

The race started at 5:45 and i started out conservatively, thinking if i finish in 1:10 at 7:00/km pace, i’d be happy! I set off with some aNR friends (Carina and here team-mates) at a 6:15 pace and then i realized that i haven’t even ran below 7:00 min pace on my short practice runs so i decided not to bite off too much.

The first 2.5 kms was something i wasn’t looking forward to because those were going to be the hills of McKinley! But that didn’t matter much when i breezed past them but they were not that easy either and after the last uphill going outside towards Lawton Avenue, it was smooth sailing from there. 

For the past several weeks or so, i have deliberately switched to landing midfoot in order to take the pressure off my left heel (plantar fascia) and for the entire race, i tried to maintain this mid-foot strike. It did help a lot although there were times when i unconsciously reverted back to my heel running and felt discomfort so i tried to correct the foot strike again.

I saw some of my aNR _UP runners who were already on their way back from the turn-around bend at Heritage Park. On my way back, i bumped ito Natz Garcia, a sub-3:45 marathoner and an old running mate at who was doing a recovery run. He tagged along with me for most of the 2nd half of the race as we were reminiscing our previous marathon experiences. I was trying my best to keep up with him until the entrance to McKinley Hills when he decided to run straight to the Fort. Thanks for the company, Natz!

One kilometer to go and i was now feeling the strain on my left heel. I finished the race in 1:07 which was a tad better than the 1:10 target time i set-off for myself. I felt great and satisfied with the outcome although while lining up to get some freebies, the satisfaction wore-off and within no time, i was feeling the soreness of my left heel again. Did some plantar stretching and the pain eased out. This injury is an on and off affair, you feel it now, then dissapears a few minutes later.

The race was well organized and what i experienced was a homey, great racing atmosphere…everything was in place—the adequate water stations, manageable route, freebies and a McDonalds burger for breakfast. It had a very comfortable air about it. Enjoyed watching the participants of the Last Man Running event, which was still ongoing after the 10k race had finished.

Over-all, it felt good to be back running!

Near the finish line

Standing with aNR-UP group and the Rogin-e race organizers


With Jolo and Jay at the finish line

With Sev, Rdoc and Jolo

Runners lining up for their loot bags

Friends at the finishline

Getting the feel of it...

At the stage with Jay, RDoc and the Emcee


3 responses to “Rogin-E Race: We Run, We Endure!

    • Thanks, Roelle. You’re right, this injury takes time to heal and it drives you crazy sometimes when the discomfort doesn’t seem to vanish after you’ve done all the remedies available;-(

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