Unilab Run United 1 and Some Reflections

Firstly, I congratulate those who ran the Unilab Run United last Sunday and maybe set out some PRs for themselves. I was able to talk to Coach Rio last night and he sends all of you his thanks more making the event a success. I was able to run the 10k race myself and witness the mammoth crowd that lined up the starting line and experience the high-tech screens that Rio put up at the start. Way to go, Rio!

High-Tech start

With just my second race for this year, i’m feeling circumspect to reflect upon what these two races has taught me so far while still recovering from a sore plantar fascia:

  1. You can’t run or race at the speed that you would like to run (that is, faster) knowing that you’ll feel discomfort at the latter stages of the race.
  2. You always set a limit to your speed and are consciously aware of your pacing. For these races, it’s just a constant 7:00/km pace and it did show with the finish times i got at the Last Man Running Run and last Sunday’s Unilab Run United. You always remind yourself to take it easy.
  3. You never stop training (even if it’s only a few kilometers a day) thinking that you’ll lose your fitness if you take a few days off to rest your injury.
  4. Running for more than 10 kms at a time is never going to be a pleasant experience for now. Because the discomfort returns immediately after you finish your run.
  5. Being injured and not being able to run regularly does not provide an excuse to drink regularly and have night-outs with your friends. Nor is it an excuse to eat anything and everything you want!
  6. You don’t want to cross-train even when the opportunity presents itself and equipments are readily available because you feel that it’s not the same as running. Somewhat ironic because i cross-trained a lot when i was not injured!
  7. Right now, i would have to be content in running 10k races or less and i envy those running the half-marathons, marathons and the ultra-marathon runs!
  8. Lastly, you must never lose hope and continue to persevere so run, eat, drink and be merry!:-)

Fire-off for the 21k runners at last Sunday's Unilab Run

A minute before the 10k start

At the freebies booth

A quick breakfast with Betty and Tonet

With Sylvia, Don Leo and Tonet